$1.5 Million Donated to School of Management

Brian Healy

News Editor

Through a family foundation, Alan Davis and Mary Lou Dauray recently gifted USF’s School of Management $1.5 million to fund the Harari Conscious Leadership and Social Innovation initiative and the Litvak Social Innovation Scholarship for underrepresented students.

“The social innovation initiative is a program in the School of Management that will focus on teaching socially responsible leadership and investment,” reads a statement from Office of Development Communications. The program is named after former School of Management business professor Oren Harari, who died from brain cancer in 2010.

Alan Davis and Professor Harari were childhood friends from Florida who rekindled their friendship years ago when they both found themselves living and working in San Francisco. “Oren was really happy at USF and seemed to relish his relationship with his students,” recounted Davis in the ODC statement.

“It was Harari’s death that prompted Davis to consider a gift to USF that would honor the late educator’s commitment to social innovation and socially responsible leadership,” reads the statement from the University announcing the gift.

Davis and Dauray have also donated to to other universities, including City College of New York, USC School of Gerontology, and Hebrew University where they helped establish a Feminist International Relations program. Davis and Dauray’s endowment gifts requires the institution to invest the funds in a socially responsible manner.


It is still unclear, however, whether the initiative and scholarship will be available for undergraduate or graduate students in the business program.

Initially, Davis and Dauray had only conceived of the Harari Conscious Leadership and Social Innovation initiative. It was after talking with Elizabeth Davis, dean of the School of Management, that the Litvak Social Innovation Scholarship was added as part of the gift.


Her enthusiasm is said to have “inspired the couple to develop a second gift — this one geared toward scholarships for African American and Latino students to partake in the social innovation initiative,” reads the statement. The Litvak scholarship fund will join a group of 42 other scholarships donated to the School of Management available to undergraduate and graduate students.


This comes on the heels of Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald S.J.’s announcement last week that the University will also award a Magis scholarship to a well deserving member of the class of 2021. The Magis Scholarship fund looks to support undocumented students who demonstrate financial need but are ineligible to apply for federal financial aid.


Norma Robles, a senior Art History major also pursuing a Business minor, said she heard about the donation from her parents who were “shocked and surprised, but happy,” about receiving an email announcing the gift from Davis and Dauray.


Robles also said she is happy to hear about the donation since she depends on financial help initiative such as the Litvak Social Innovation Scholarship in order to attend USF. “I am on scholarship for USF, and I am Latina, so I think it’s amazing because if it weren’t for scholarships like these I don’t really know if I would have an undergraduate career, if I would be at university,” said Robles.


The School of Management is currently enjoying a successful spring semester that has also included a visit from Condoleezza Rice. Robert Merton, Nobel Prize-winning economist, is lined up for an appearance on Thursday, Feb. 23, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak scheduled for a talk in War Memorial Gym on Wednesday, April 19.


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