120th Anniversary Edition: The Foghorn in the 1970s

Photo courtesy of  Joe Schieffer.

In 1969, Joe Schieffer’s friend invited him to a meeting about the school paper. He didn’t know that this meeting would influence the rest of his time at USF. Schieffer worked as a Foghorn staff writer for his first four semesters at USF, and then as the Entertainment Editor for his last three semesters. 

The most notable story Schieffer remembers during his time at USF was the 1972 “Pelosi V. Marks at FOG office — Propositions 3,8,19 in question.” In the fall of 1972, incumbent Republican Milton Marx and Democrat Ron Pelosi were running to represent California’s 9th District in the California State Senate. In the midst of the competitive race, the Foghorn was “thinking about endorsing someone for that seat,” Schieffer said. Both candidates sought to secure the Foghorn’s endorsement, so in October of 1972 they had a debate in the paper’s office, trying to sway the six editors. “We couldn’t agree on who the endorsement would be for,” Schieffer said. The Foghorn refrained from endorsing either candidate due to their lack of consensus. Marx ended up winning the seat.

The Foghorn was a staple on campus and in the Bay Area community,” Schieffer recalled. “There was no alternative to hardcopy…the copies would disappear off the racks where they were placed.”

Schieffer, 72, is today a retired attorney who lives in Oakland. 

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