3 Performances You Missed at Noise Pop 2018


  1. Half Stack at The Chapel

Looking like they just stepped off of the set of Stranger Things, this Oakland native band revved up their audience on Feb. 25. Four 20-somethings sporting denim, flannel and 70’s ‘staches played sweet alt-rock flowing from the stage. Hipsters around the Bay couldn’t get enough of Half Stack as they played their songs “Yellow Roses” and “Friend.” The cleaned-up grunge vibe of The Chapel laid as a perfect background to this “underground” alternative band. With thick drum beats and strong bass strokes, they were reminiscent of the soft rock our parents used to listen to, like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Eagles.


  1. Florist at The Fillmore

Sweet vocals came wafting through the Fillmore on Feb. 22. Florist, a band comprised of Emily Sprague and a single guitarist, opened for Why? on Thursday night. Sprague had a gentle demeanor as she sang soft lyrics with their songs, “Vacation” and “Eyes in the Sun.” With Florence + the Machine vocals and Fox Academy undertones, Florist put the audience into a musical trance during their short set. The New York natives brought chill indie music to The Fillmore, preparing the audience for the night ahead.


  1. Doug Martsch at The Swedish American Hall

Built to Spill, a 90’s alt-rock band worshipped by grunge-fans, came back to San Francisco for two nights during Noise Pop. The Swedish American Hall led a special acoustic performance by Built to Spill’s lead singer, Doug Martsch. Masses of middle aged people filled the small showroom of the Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 21, ready to listen to Martsch sing some of his all-time favorite hits with his guitar in a small spotlight. Built to Spill is a classic grunge-rock band with influences from Neil Young and Nirvana. The dark venue, decorated with string lights, was a perfect place for Martsch’s fans to hear him play an intimate set.


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