5 Questions with Martin Courtney of Real Estate

New Jersey’s buzz band Real Estate released their second full-length album “Days” on Domino Records in October. While en route to a show in Salt Lake City, lead vocalist Martin Courtney spoke with The Foghorn about recording his new record, his love for Mission style burritos, and a story involving fish & chips.

San Francisco Foghorn: Would you mind briefly explaining the recording process that went into creating your new album “Days”, and what you did differently this time around?
Martin: Recording “Days” was completely different than the first record we recorded. The first self-titled album was all home records. We always wanted to record in the studio, and for me it’s always been dream for me. It took a long five months to completely finish but it was really fun. To me it sounded exactly as we wanted it to sound.

F: Between the ups and downs of playing to crowds every night on tour, and living out of a van, what are your thoughts and feelings on touring?
M: It’s fun playing shows every night, but I really don’t like living out of a van and being away from family and friends for months on end. It gets really fast, but is also really fun.

F: Who are some bands that everyone should be listening to right now?
M: Big Trouble is an excellent band that just put out a great record a few months ago. Spectral is another band we’ve known for two years now and also put out an album around the same time as Big Trouble. We’ve played with both of them on tours and have been friends for quite a while now.

F: You played in San Francisco a few months ago at The Independent and are headlining at Slims on Friday, what are some things you really like to do in San Francisco?
M: We always stay with friends who live in The Mission when we come to town. Pretty much I really enjoy hanging out at Dolores Park and eating burritos. Last time I was in SF I ate burritos for every meal for three days straight, it got kind of old, but the burritos in SF are so addicting.

F: What’s been your weirdest tour story that’s happened on the road?
M: When we were in Europe last week we played in Brighton and decided to get some fish and chips. Our tour manager told us to go to this place where this one guy was working. We ordered 8 things and the guy literally messed up the entire order so bad we asked him to fix it. Slowly more people started to enter the fish & chips shop, and looking at this guy we figured the dude was freaking out on drugs. It got to the point where the dude was tripping out on drugs so hard that he started laughing and asked us to leave and go. We ended up just having to walk out.


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