On A Mission for a Meal? Check Out These Eats

San Francisco has so many great restaurants in different parts of town. Whatever you’re in the mood for, some parts of the city are better than others for your cravings: North Beach has Italian, Clement has Chinese, and the Mission has Mexican food. Look in the nooks and crannies of each of these neighborhoods and you’ll find unique restaurants that stand out. Yes, you can find amazing burritos in the Mission, but try some of these other great restaurants that have nothing to do with tacos or carnitas.

Herbivore (983 Valencia)
Fri & Sat. 9A.M-11P.M.
Prices: $7-$11

I am the furthest thing from a vegan eater, but after coming to this place I found that I really enjoy the food and atmosphere. The staff is really friendly and willing to spend fifteen minutes with you on the menu if you don’t know what to order. There are also a ton of items on their menu that are gluten free!
Favorite Dishes:
Green papaya salad ($7.5)
Spicy rice noodles ($7.5)

Delfina (3621 18th St.)
Hours: Mon- Thurs. 5:30-10P, Fri & Sat 5:30-11P, Sun 5-10P
Prices: $8-$26

I love Pizzeria Delfina but am sometimes craving something more than pizza. Right next door to the pizzeria is a sit down restaurant that has the whole package of an amazing restaurant: great food, fast and friendly service and a prime spot for people watching! It’s a hit or miss with how busy the restaurant can get but is completely worth the wait!
Favorite Dishes:
Tripe alla Florentina ($10)
Hawaiian Ahi ($26)
Spiced Almonds ($3)

Beretta (1199 Valencia)
Hours: Sun-Mon 5:30P.M.-1A.M.
Prices: $6-$26

I love this place! It’s tucked away on Valencia, away from the main hub of restaurants and shops. Although on the corner, I accidentally passed by it when meeting my dad here for dinner one night. Looking from the outside, it is always packed and once inside, you can see why. The small restaurant is cozy. For my 21+ readers, there’s also a full bar that has everything you could possibly want. For the underage crowd, there is a really good ginger beer.

Favorite dishes:
Butternut squash soup ($6)
Broccoli rabe, pancetta and mozzerella pizza ($12)
Osso Bucco ($16)

Mission Chinese (2234 Mission)
Hours: 11:30- 3P.M., 5-10:30P.M. Closed Wednesdays
Prices: $7-$13

I generally dislike going to restaurants that spring out of nowhere and are extremely hyped up. Don’t get me wrong, I love hot tips on where to eat, but am generally disappointed after so much anticipation. I never really had a dying urge to try this place but an episode of Anthony Bourdain: The Layover finally lured me in. The dishes here are flavorful and made to order; they even have hand pulled noodles.

Favorite Dishes:
Thrice Cooked Bacon ($11)- can be made vegan
Chilled Buckwheat noodles ($7)

The Mission District has amazing food that ranges from Asian Fusion to Vegan/Gluten Free. Even though it may be your usual stop for a burrito, make sure you try what else the neighborhood has to offer.

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