A Campus Under Construction

By: Kalan K. Birnie, Hayley Burcher and Katherine Na

With the beginning of a new school year at USF comes an air of palpable excitement, freshmen baptized in sweat via the Lone Mountain staircase, and the sweet, sweet sound of nonstop construction from all corners of campus. 

With a considerable number of campus buildings — both new, old, and in-progress — being obscured by construction fencing, it’s difficult to keep track of just how many projects the University is currently undertaking. To help make sense of the relative chaos, the Foghorn has put together a run-down of where these sites are, and when they’re expected to be completed.

The Wolf & Kettle Café

The Wolf & Kettle Café has been gutted to make room for a completely renovated dining space in Lone Mountain Main. The new cafeteria is expected to open in the summer of 2020, and will have twice as much seating as its predecessor. The finished space will also include a beer and wine bar (yes, you read that correctly). The One Card office that used to neighbor the café has moved to the fifth-floor of the University Center.

Lone Mountain’s New Residence and Dining Halls

Due to difficulties in the permitting process, complicated soil conditions, and the discovery of naturally-occurring asbestos along with a previously undiscovered city utility pipe beneath the construction site, the opening of Lone Mountain’s new residence and dining halls have been postponed to spring 2021.   

Kalmanovitz Hall

Part of Kalmanovitz Hall has been blocked off for renovations. The redesign displaced a number of offices, including the media studies department. The finished space will include the new office for the Dean of Arts and Sciences, which is scheduled to be completed by Sept. 27. 

Sobrato Center at War Memorial Gymnasium 

The USF Athletics Department is expanding War Memorial Gym to construct phase one of the Sobrato Center. When completed, it will feature an expanded social space for the USF community. Additionally, the center will include the Dons Athletics Hall of Fame, the Dons Hall of Social Change, and Malloy Pavillion, an upstairs social area. Next door, over what is currently the Hayes-Healy parking garage, athletics will also construct a multi-level practice facility featuring practice basketball courts and classrooms.

Presentation Theater 

Upon discovering worker safety code violations and fire safety concerns, Presentation Theater has closed indefinitely. To learn more, reference our news story on pg. 3 and an opinion piece about the closure by the College Players on pg. 9. 

Honorable Mention:

The Undercaf Entrance Door

Curiously, the undercaf entrance door shattered during the first week of the semester and has been blocked off since. Although what caused the door to shatter is unclear (over-enthusiastic freshmen, we’re looking at you), Craig Petersen, director of operations for Facilities Management, stated that the damage did not appear to be malicious. Late-night snackers need not despair — the door is scheduled to be replaced during the week of this issue. 

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