A Chicken Coup D’état of the Caf

USF’s campus doesn’t have Chick-fil-A, but cafeteria goers can now get the same food — without the pesticides. A new food vendor called Organic Coup, which offers organic fried chicken sandwiches and wraps, has opened up shop in partnership with Bon Appétit as of Jan. 22.

The new grub can be found near the sandwich counter at the Market Café. The sandwich and the wrap both cost $10.99 each, $3.60 more expensive than a custom deli sandwich at the caf, not including add-ons such as avocado.

Fedele Bauccio, Bon Appétit’s CEO and co-founder, recently tried one of Organic Coup’s sandwiches at their Oracle Park location. He was so impressed by their products, he decided to establish an Organic Coup location in USF’s Market Café, the company’s first location on a college campus.

Baccio pitched his idea to Micah Cavolo, the Bon Appétit manager at USF, who agreed that Organic Coup would be a great addition to the Market Café.

“We’re always looking for new ways to shake up the dining program,” Cavolo said. “We invited Organic Coup onto campus as a partner because we thought that students would really like their tasty, organic and fast sandwiches … and because their sourcing aligns with Bon Appétit [environmental] values.”

Organic Coup markets itself as the first U.S.D.A. organic fast food chain. It has eight locations throughout Northern California, including one at Oracle Park, formerly known as AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants baseball team.

Freshman Christoffer Palsson said that Organic Coup’s sandwiches were good — even better than the caf’s deli sandwich, despite the fact that Organic Coup’s sandwich costs more than the Bon Appétit option.

“I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive,” Palsson said.

Senior Joey Steele said that he enjoyed Organic Coup’s sandwiches as well, and that the price is not too expensive for him, despite living off-campus and not having a meal plan.

“I do live off-campus, I live on Golden Gate [Avenue],” Steele said. “I don’t mind the price.”

While Organic Coup is not the first third-party vendor Bon Appétit has partnered with, it is the first one featured in the main cafeteria. The Italian coffee company Illy currently operates out of The Grind Down Café in the undercaf.


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