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Cristina Macz

Staff Writer

For the average college student, coffee is not a want, but a need. There’s something about the caffeine kick of a freshly-brewed coffee that brings me a profound sense of satisfaction. From in-house roasting to latte art embellishments, read the list below to find your next stop for a cup of joe near campus. 

Flywheel Coffee Roasters: 672 Stanyan St.

Flywheel Coffee Roasters is a family-owned shop with Nicaraguan roots. Their coffee selection includes Latin American and African blends, and their brewing consists of methods such as the pour over and siphon brewed coffee (a method which utilizes vapor pressure and gravity). Flywheel roasts its coffee in-house and aims to offer its customers an experience beyond that of a traditional corporate coffee house.

What I recommend: Flywheel doesn’t embellish their coffee with heavy syrups. If you’re a fan of stronger coffee, I suggest trying any of their featured blends with the siphon brewing method. 

The Mill (Serving Four Barrel): 736 Divisadero St.

The Mill is a collaboration between Four Barrel Coffee and Josey Baker Bread.

Four Barrel Coffee takes pride in being old-fashioned roasters, relying on highly trained people as opposed to machines. The dedication to the roasting definitely comes through in their different roasts. (Side note: this is also a great spot for bread and toast.)

What I recommend: The latte with oat milk. The latte features a double shot of the Friendo Blendo, which contains mellow citrus notes.

Rise & Grind Coffee and Tea: 785 8th Ave.

Rise & Grind provides a fun and fresh environment within walking distance to campus. COCO ROMANO GIORDANO/FOGHORN

Usually, getting coffee is either a necessary trip to get your morning caffeine fix or a fun outing. But why shouldn’t it be both? Rise & Grind prides itself in creating a unique experience for its customers by offering specialty drinks, which include the Biscoff cookie butter latte and mint cold brew. They also offer some more traditional coffee drinks on their menu, such as your classic Americano. Just a five-minute bus ride from campus, this fun little shop has minimalistic details along with WiFi and ample seating, making it a good study place — especially on weekday mornings.

What I recommend: The cookie butter latte with oat milk for its creamy frothiness with a balanced cookie butter flavor. Although this isn’t my go-to order, if it’s your first time at Rise & Grind, I recommend ordering a drink that you won’t typically find at other coffee shops. 

Home Cafe: 2018 Clement St.

Home Cafe is an aesthetically-pleasing coffee shop that also features delicious and unique drinks. COCO ROMANO GIORDANO/FOGHORN

The coffee shop offers what might be San Francisco’s most “Insta-”worthy cup of coffee. From white marble tables to succulents and letter boards, Home Cafe has all the right aesthetics. They are often praised for their creative menu, which includes their birthday cake latte. Home’s looks aren’t deceiving — the love comes through in their creative latte art and extensive toast menu (featuring options like cinnamon sugar and condensed milk and butter). For a unique experience, give the creative menu a try! 
What I recommend: My all-time favorite is their coconut-vanilla latte with oat milk — it’s just sweet enough!


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