A Letter From the Editor: Meet Your New Paper

To the students, faculty and staff of the University of San Francisco: It has been one of the most important roles of my life to serve as your editor in chief for the past year. I’ve had the honor of covering this wild, wild school we all hold so dear (most of the time). To the credit of our relentless editorial staff and spirited student writers, the Foghorn has grown to be an indispensable facet of this campus.


This year alone, we’ve broken stories on unsanitary conditions in the cafeteria, NCAA sanctions on the men’s golf team and USF advertisements on Breitbart. We’ve told the stories of Antonio Reza, a former felon who persevered to a full-ride scholarship at USF, and of Bri Nutting, who shared her experiences with homelessness as a student and her opinion on what needs to change with USF’s on-campus housing. All of these stories are a part of a healthy, fair and free campus environment. It is work the Foghorn never takes lightly.


The only thing that makes me prouder than this past year for the Foghorn is what’s in store for next year. I am thrilled to announce that the Foghorn’s editor in chief for the 2018-19 school year will be senior politics major Gabriel (Gabe) Greschler. He will be joined by our new managing editor, junior media studies major Hayley Burcher.


I can personally say that Gabe has the tenacity and compassion to cover the University of San Francisco in a honest and true way. Gabe is interning at the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) in Washington, D.C. as part of the McCarthy Center’s USF in D.C. program. SPLC works to preserve first amendment protections for student journalists. At SPLC, Gabe has told the stories of student journalists fighting university censorship on sexual assault coverage and of student journalists covering the D.C. March for Our Lives protest. Even from D.C., Gabe has an understanding of the Foghorn that is rivaled by few others. He has worked as the Foghorn’s opinion editor, news deputy and news editor.


When reflecting on his goals for next year, Gabe said, “I want to do more investigative pieces. I think that as a newspaper, our job shouldn’t be to be the public relations arm of the school. It should be to keep the school accountable.”


“I want to reverse the pipeline of how stories are being proposed to the Foghorn. I still want editors to be finding stories, because our editors are smart and in tune with USF’s culture and events. But at the same time, I want to make it so students are the ones telling us stories to do, as well,” he said.


Gabe also plans to improve the accessibility of the Foghorn’s website and start sending weekly newsletters of the Foghorn’s coverage to students.


Hayley Burcher, a junior media studies major, will be the Foghorn’s managing editor next year. COURTESY OF HAYLEY BURCHER


Hayley, who will serve as managing editor, has been a sports deputy and the sports editor for the Foghorn. Not only is Hayley a spectacular writer, she also has the skills to balance a multitude of tasks at once. Of our editors, Hayley has been the best equipped to handle last-minute dilemmas and consistently found solutions to them all. Hayley always stood her ground when working with athletics officials who did not always share the same goals as the Foghorn. I am confident that Hayley will continue the Foghorn’s commitment to hard-hitting news.


Hayley said, “When students open the paper, we want them to see themselves. We want them to see their opinions, wants and needs reflected in the Foghorn.”


“I’m very excited to work with everyone in a slightly different way. [Being named managing editor] means the world. The Foghorn means the world to me, as well,” she said.  


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