A Letter from the Editor

To the USF community,

Welcome to another year of new classes, new faces, and asking for directions in Kalmanovitz. As the school year kicks off, know that the San Francisco Foghorn serves as your source to everything and all that happens at the University of San Francisco.


Not to get too scholastic on you, but there’s a quote that goes “for the people, by the people.” Abraham Lincoln used it in his Gettysburg Address when he referred to American democracy as a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” Lincoln wasn’t the man who coined the phrase, though. He actually borrowed it from English theologian John Wycliffe, who used it when translating the Bible. The Foghorn certainly isn’t a government and by no means a bible. But I think the phrase “for the people, by the people” rings true for what the paper aims to do (we print for a politically-engaged, Catholic Jesuit university, after all).  

As your student newspaper, we write for you and are written by you. The Foghorn would not be possible without all the op-eds, reporting, reviews, and photographs we are sent week after week. Our editorial staff is continuously impressed by them.


To keep the Foghorn “by the people,” we always welcome new students to contribute. We have a stellar editorial staff this year eager to work with students from all majors. The Foghorn will have a table at Involvement Fair today and we encourage anyone interested to say hello. We also will be holding an open house in our office on Tuesday Sept. 5 from 11:45 – 1:00 in UC 417 — and yes, there will be free food. Our open house is a great opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes of the paper, talk to editors one-on-one, and give us your contact information for our mailing lists. We look forward to meeting engaged students and answering any questions you may have!


In the meantime, make sure to stay informed from the Foghorn’s digital platforms. You can read live tweets and breaking news on Twitter and “like” photos on our Instagram, both on the handle @SFFoghorn. Our website is updated weekly at www.sffoghorn.org.


The Foghorn promises to keep you up to date with factual, timely, and thought-provoking stories. We write for you, the student body of USF. As always, thank you for your consistent readership and support. On behalf of the Foghorn staff, we look forward to hearing from you this year.


Happy reading!

Ali DeFazio

Editor in Chief


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