A Letter from your ASUSF President

Hello USF!

I am your Associated Student President for ASUSF Senate.

With elections fast approaching, I wanted to reintroduce myself and highlight some of Senate’s accomplishments so far this year.

If you are unaware of Senate’s purpose as an organization, our primary function is to serve as the voice of you, the students. With 31 representatives, including myself, we span every class, college, and age group of USF undergraduates.

Every year, Senate helps to respond to and resolve important issues on campus.

We have regular presentations from administrators on the status of USF, including those from Father President Privett, and Margaret Higgins, Vice President of University Life.

Students are always invited to Senate to bring issues to light.

Our Senators have worked with their constituents this year on everything from safety concerns on campus, to community engagement and involvement.

In each instance that Senate offers a statement or resolution, Senators take the issue back to their specific constituent groups.

In doing this, they gain a greater understanding and perspective of how their fellow students feel and to uncover any potential concerns.

When the Senate reconvenes to make a final decision, each Senator presents the thoughts of their constituents.

Voting occurs after a thorough discussion has taken place, and the Senators’ votes reflect the collective opinion of their represented student group.

Our recommendation for change is taken to the administration, and is always taken very seriously.
We have an incredible potential to create change, made more possible with help from the input of the student body.

Two notable resolutions on campus this year are the:

*Tuition Resolution, encouraging the University to keep this past December’s tuition increase at the lowest possible level

*Crossroads Resolution, extending the hours of Thursday and Friday evenings in Crossroads to 2:30 a.m.
As the President, I sit on the Board of Trustees. After passed by Senate I presented the Tuition Resolution to the Board and University Life Committee to encourage the University to put the students first, and keep tuition at a low.

It was taken seriously, and influenced the Board of Trustees to keep the increase at an all time low.

The Crossroads Resolution was presented by your Sophomore Class Representatives Patrick Sudlow and Lansen Leu, as a way to meet the need of a safe late-night social space on campus.

They coordinated with Crossroads and Bon Appetit to specify times for their trial run of the extended hours through April.

Senate campaigning for next year is in full swing this week, and voting will begin April 27 through April 30 online.

Senate is here for you. Voting helps make sure that your voice is heard in every step of the process. It only takes a few minutes. Know your candidates.

Vote. If you have any questions about Senate, stop by our office in UC 100, attend one of our weekly Tuesday meetings from 6-8 p.m., or email me at aplatt@usfca.edu.

Alex Platt


3 thoughts on “A Letter from your ASUSF President

  1. Really??!! The the Opinion section of the Foghorn seems to represent the voice of the students more, especially after reading the comments posted by students on the Foghorn staff editorial. Students don’t seem to know what the Sente is doing. How is that representing them if they are kept in the dark and opposed to your actions?

  2. Senate meetings are open to all. If you wanted to get involved in what Senate was doing, then you would come to a Senate meeting and not complain about Senate leaving students in the dark. Senate’s website also has minutes updated weekly on everything that happens during the meetings. http://www.usfca.edu/asusf/senate/index.html

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