A Message to All Dons

Frank Allocco

Senior Associate Athletic director for External Relations


Dear Dons!


Last Friday night a tremendous turnout of students was on hand to watch our men’s soccer team defeat defending NCAA Champion Stanford in one of the most thrilling matches at Negoesco Stadium in recent years. Beneath the glow of St. Ignatius Church, thousands of students triumphantly stormed the field as the clock ticked down to celebrate one of the biggest wins in school history.

Success is rarely accomplished in isolation. The beauty of victory is the convergence of coaches, players, and fans to form ONE TEAM as they create a harmonic symphony. The music created by our students and our soccer team this past weekend is still ringing in the ears of all that were present on this historic night.

Friday night was more than just a soccer game. It was the manifestation of the great tradition that resides on the Hilltop and the fulfillment of the hard work and dedication of everyone associated with our men’s soccer program. The electric spirit in the stadium provided by our students was certainly felt by every single player on the pitch.

Thank you to Los Locos who supplied hot chocolate to our fans. Thanks to Coca-Cola for the Coke float giveaways. Thanks to Residence Life and our student leadership, but most of all thanks to our students who helped provide a winning edge in an event that will be talked about on the Hilltop for many years to come.

I hope this school year will see more of our campus constituencies joining together to “Change the World from Here,” as we continue to work in harmony with an unbeatable sound and spirit that will inspire others to join together and collectively elevate each other to new heights.

May this night of unity serve as the catalyst for more school spirit and pride as we “Rock the Hilltop” and create more special memories TOGETHER!


Go Dons!



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