A USF Student’s Guide: How to survive finals week

Winter break is just around the corner, which means it’s time to hit those books and get ahead of the game! Finals week is quickly approaching, and students are dreading this weeklong stretch of what seems to be hell. Everyone hears “finals week” and immediately imagines the never-ending nights of studying, high-stress levels, caffeine addictions, and your new home at the library. Obviously, this is the way students have been preparing for finals for as long as they can remember. This week, the Foghorn is here to share tips with you on surviving finals week!

Plan Ahead
This is the ultimate time to get rid of that bad habit all college students possess; procrastination. Plan out what you need to study for and make your priorities. You may have an A in a class already, but are struggling keeping a C in another. Put more focus on the classes you are in danger of not passing, and do quick reviews for the classes you’re doing great in. Make sure to manage your time well, and coordinate your study hours and breaks so you stay on track! This will not only reduce a ton of stress, but you will feel better prepared once you take your exams.

Eat Healthy
Have you ever heard that saying, “ you are what you eat”? Well, guess what? Its true! If you stuff your body with caffeine and donuts, you will feel, well, like coffee and donuts. Before your long day of studying, make 4 or 5 smaller meals for you to eat, like sliced fruit, a bagel, vegetables, or a sandwich. Studies have shown that eating smaller meals spread throughout the day increases your metabolism. Another tip you should highly consider is to eat a hearty breakfast! Get some calcium, protein, and vitamins in your system to kick off the day to a great start. Also, be sure you carry water bottles with you during study hours. Being hydrated will keep you focused and feeling healthy.

Say Goodbye to Distractions
Distractions are a huge contributor to procrastination, so don’t do it! During study hours, don’t bring your cell phone along and stay away from social networking sites on your laptop! What college students have been recently doing during finals week is deactivating their Facebook accounts. As horrid as this sounds, it’s effective and can easily be reactivated once you’ve accomplished a hard day of studying. Have self-control!

One of the things that is great about USF is that they provide students free access to the Koret Center! The Koret Center not only has a wide variety of weights and exercise machines, but great classes for students to take such as yoga, pilates, or kickboxing! Get those endorphins pumping and relieve your stress by taking a quick class or take 30 minutes out of your day to go work a calming walk at Golden Gate Park. Use your school, and your city, to its advantage. Working out will motivate you to be productive and free your mind of stress and anxiety!

Have some time for yourself to just take a deep breath and relax. Take study breaks in-between hours of studying. Watch your favorite TV show, listen to some music, or talk with your friends to ease your mind and body! While your studying, always make sure to motivate yourself with a reward for your next break. Treat yourself to some dessert or a quick Starbucks holiday drink! This is a great way to remember that having time for yourself is just as important of a priority to study for finals.

That about wraps it up! Remember all the hard work you’ve done throughout the semester- as stressful as finals week is, you’ve survived it up to this point and you can most definitely get through it again. With these tips, you’ll be feeling prepared, relaxed, and confident for the finals week ahead!


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