Aesthetics on Campus Promote Good Learning Environment

Over the summer the USF caampus went through some minor and major renovations, none of which should be lost on the student body.  

The aesthetics of our campus go a long way toward promoting a positive attitude and building a successful college career for each student.  

Things like the new stone walkway by the library, the new seating in memorial gym, the new floors and kitchen in the UC building, and a larger weight room in the Koret Health Center are all small but significant examples of things that make us feel better about the school we attend.  
In just one year, the Garden Project has transformed a once deserted dirt area behind USF’s School of Education into and full and thriving garden with benches for students to relax and take in the scenery of the newly planted palm trees and California Poppies.  

They have planted vegetables such as carrots, bok choy, and lettuce, and fruits such as raspberries, strawberries and sugarplum.    
The biggest change on campus is the construction done in Kalmanovitz Hall, which now has eleven classrooms in use and a number of faculty offices as well.  

It is refreshing to see that so much progress has been made since we had to endure the sights and sounds of the construction while in class and while passing through campus every day. 
The new classrooms and state-of-the-art labs make K-Hall an enjoyable learning environment.  
The Foghorn staff feels that there is a strong connection between facilities and learning.  

More students are likely to want to learn and succeed in a modern building with modern technology. 
K-Hall is a sharp contrast to Cowell Hall and Phelan hall, which have not been renovated since the building boom in the mid 1960’s.    
USF has struggled to renovate its facilities because there is little if any endowment allotted for upgrades to buildings, while other schools in the Bay Area have been progressively modernizing their campuses over the last ten years.  

Having the new K-Hall makes us feel better about our decision to come to USF because we see our tuition money being put to use before us. 
Everyone should have the opportunity to have class in a place K-Hall.          

There is something about new facilities and a nice campus that inspires students. 
They make people want to go to class.  They make people want to learn.  

New facilities also attract prospective students to USF. 
A student would be much more likely to come to USF if they toured the campus and saw the new K-Hall as opposed to a construction sight or an old and worn building in its place.  
We are pleased that we have the new Kalmanovitz Hall and hope that more renovations to other buildings are on the way.  

We appreciate the work that went toward and continues to go toward the finishing of Kalmanovitz hall and hope that students will thrive in it and also appreciate and use all the new resources that K-Hall offers us.

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