Album to Watch: Andy Suzuki and the Method’s “The Glass Hour”

Claudia Sanchez

Scene Editor


Andy Suzuki’s newest album, “The Glass Hour,” is a sonic wonderland, full of soft electronic tones effortlessly blending in with R&B melodies. We talked to Andy Suzuki a few days before his Feb. 26 show at Hotel Utah to talk about their sound, the best song off of “The Glass Hour” and what you learn from touring with a Beatle.


How would you describe your music?

AS: We call it future pop with an R&B edge.

How is your new album different from the earlier ones?

AS: In eight words: it is completely different from the other albums. This is the first album where we really allowed a producer to take us out of our comfort zone. This is the first album where we didn’t shy away from the R&B vibes that come so naturally to us; instead, we embraced them. This album is also our most ambitious project to date, in that we didn’t shy away from pop moments – rather, we highlighted them. We have our producer (and longtime homie), Juny Mag, to thank for making ‘The Glass Hour’ what it is today.

What do you want to tell your fans about the new album?

AS: It’s really good. Every song is really good. But if you were already a fan of Andy Suzuki & The Method, you probably already feel that way, because ‘The Glass Hour’ is much better than our old stuff.

What’s your favorite song on the album?

AS: It changes every day! But I think “Shelter” is the one that I’m most proud of. That song takes your ears on a journey.

You’ve toured with Amanda Palmer and Ringo Starr. How did that shape your approach to music?

AS: I’ve been on tour with all different kinds of acts. From bands that mainly draw older, more sophisticated music connoisseurs, to bands that mainly draw tweens who drag their dads along as chaperones. The biggest lesson I’ve learned: you have to bring flames every night. That is definitely our approach to live music. We treat every performance like it is our last.


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