An Average Pizza Place Worth Celebrating

A restaurant is always flavored by the event that brings you there. A date, a breakup, a special occasion- the experience impacts the way you feel about the restaurant, be it from the pleasant additions of a good one or the added salt from tears at a bad one.

My experience at Pizza Orgasmica came about when I decided to throw a surprise party for a dear friend a few weeks ago and was hopelessly lost trying to find a suitable restaurant for the resident picky eater in our group. I settled on pizza, because you can’t go wrong with that, and chose the provocatively named pizza place on the recommendation of yet another friend.

The night of the party I arrived with my friend who, caught completely by surprise, was met by 15 of her own friends in a space that was absolutely perfect for our party. Though the Embarcadero location of the restaurant has many tables, they had specifically marked off two of the large picnic-table style tables, with spacious tabletops for all the pizzas and bench-style seating so that we could all slide in and seat as many at a table as we liked- which was perfect when they brought out a pizza with birthday candles in it and we all had to squeeze in to help sing.

The pizza itself was almost too good for words- even though the birthday girl was almost 45 minutes late to her own party, the restaurant timed the pizzas so that they arrived to the tables just as we finished getting settled. Pizza Orgasmica offers several “party packages,” and I went ahead and ordered the “Wild Thing” pizza sampler for us. It included 6 large pizzas and easily fed the 20 people in our party, and we still had almost half a pizza to take home afterwards! The “Wild Thing” came with one cheese pizza, a pepperoni pizza, a vegetarian pizza, another with sausage and mushrooms, another with chicken and garlic, and the last pizza was our choice of one of the “Orgasmica Special” pizzas- assorted gourmet pizzas that are unique to their restaurant only. I chose the “Inspiration Point” pizza, which was topped with tomato sauce, pesto chicken, spinach, mozzarella cheese and their house-made pesto, and it was unlike any pizza I’ve ever had before. The mozzarella was the perfect accompaniment to their delicious pesto-covered chicken, and the spinach added just the right amount of freshness to an otherwise heavy combination of cheese, olive oil, and thick pizza crust.

All of the pizzas we ordered were absolutely delicious, but my favorite of the evening was the chicken and garlic- I was lucky enough to snag the last remaining slice, and it was so worth almost being stabbed by a competing friend with a fork. The chicken was crispy (such a good textural addition to an otherwise mushy pizza!) from being cooked in the pizza oven, and the chunks of garlic were roasted to an almost sugary sweetness. It appealed to my palate perfectly, and I was disappointed that I had already eaten the last slice.

Though I’ll be honest and tell you I didn’t eat an entire slice of every type, (I tried at least a bite of each!) I didn’t need to taste them all to see on my companions’ faces that the food was delicious. There’s a moment that sometimes happens where a group of people fall silent at a meal because the food is so tasty, and that is exactly what happened when we all took our first bites- a feat that’s particularly impressive, considering it takes an awful lot to get such a large group of girls to ever be so completely quiet. Fear not though, the party recovered quickly when the birthday girl quipped that she “never thought pizza so be so ‘Orgasmica-tastic’!”
Pizza Orgasmica seemed to be a relatively inexpensive dinner option, with our “Wild Thing” package costing $117, coming out to around $12 per person, plus tip. Another visit a week later with a much smaller party revealed that the place is a touch more expensive when you’re ordering individually, with my garlic and chicken (it was so good I couldn’t resist having it again, and this time I didn’t have to share!) costing me $17.52, plus tip.

Realistically, celebrating with my friends probably would have made any meal fantastic regardless of the food, but we got lucky and found a place where the food is fantastic, even if you’re celebrating nothing at all.

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