An Hour At the Temples

Dillon Rawlings
Staff Writer

On September 24th, the Fillmore hosted the psychedelic U.K. band Temples, who looked every bit as 60’s acid rock as they sounded. Draped in fringe, flares, and suede, against a video backdrop of what looked like a highly colorized pot of oil mixing with water, the four-piece set harmonized and guitar-hooked the audience into a mellow delirium.

Founded in Kettering, England only two years ago, Temples has been making waves in the music scene since Heavenly Recordings discovered their first self-produced tracks on YouTube in 2012. Since then, the group has been touring Europe and the US, spreading the energy of their mystical, technicolor sounds one show at a time. At the set this past Wednesday, their relatively brief hour-long performance was a transporting journey through a vividly surreal reality of glam-soaked rock melodies and cruising 12-string pitches. With a sound reflecting a range of influences, from retro funk to modern synthpop, Temples finds contemporary competition in bands like Tame Impala and the Flaming Lips. If you are interested in experiencing the hypo-grooves in person, Temples will be touring until December of this year and their tour dates can be found on their website,


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