Are you Rooting for DON-A-ROO?

We’re two days away from DON-A-ROO, the annual Spring concert at USF organized by the Campus Activities Board.  This year, St. Lucia will be performing in support of the electronic trio Krewella on Feb. 8.  Most of us Dons have heard great things about last year’s Macklemore performance, so is it even possible for Krewella to top it this year?

CAB’s concert director, John Hewitt, expects this year’s show to blow people away — despite the fact that Ellie Goulding was the first choice for the show, but couldn’t attend because of her European Tour.  It is no secret that electronic dance music—or EDM rather—has become increasingly popular over the past couple years. Artists like DeadMau5 and Skrillex have attracted quite a large fan base as a result of music festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and Camp Bisco.  So, it’s no surprise that Krewella would seem like the obvious choice for a headliner. But what do the students have to say about it?

“I’m kinda over the ‘rave scene.’ I’d rather see something new and different,” Alison Collins, freshman, said.

“You know what’d be cool? If they got someone like Weird Al, or Smashmouth to play. Just this awesome, [nostalgic] band that everyone knows and loves,” Alec Kaplan, junior, said.

Perhaps the popular choice isn’t the best choice, at least according to a couple of students.  Should CAB have gone the retro route?  Granted, St. Lucia was booked as the opening act in favor of Hewitt, who describes the five-piece band as having a “tropical 80’s style.” Maybe that’s as retro and as far away from EDM as we’re gonna get for this year’s DON-A-ROO.

In addition to the annual pressure of picking a compelling headliner for the show, CAB faced an even bigger challenge, given the exponential success of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, thanks to songs like “Thrift Shop,” “Can’t Hold Us,” and “Same Love.”  The duo won four Grammys last week in the categories of Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance.

When some students were asked about their expectations for DON-A-ROO, half of them hadn’t even heard of Krewella.  Hewitt considers this fact to be in the concert’s favor.  “Krewella may not be as well known as Macklemore, but if you look back to this time last year, there were a lot of students who did not know who he was earlier, and that’s the fun in bringing up and coming talent,” Hewitt said.

Who knows what we can expect from this year’s show.  Maybe next year we’ll be bragging about how Krewella performed exclusively for USF; or maybe we’ll still be talking about Macklemore.  Either way, how many universities do you know of that hold concert quality performances on campus?  One of the great things about San Francisco is the easy access to great live music, and we get to have just that in our own school gym.


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