Artist Spotlight: Shores Trio

Shores Trio is an indie and jazz band made up of juniors Thomas Sampaio (drums), Dominic Rubio (vocals/guitar/bass) and Adam Ruthenbeck (keys/guitar/bass). The Foghorn sat down to discuss their newly released album, “Out of the Blue.”


Kate Sagara: How would you describe your style of music?

Thomas Sampaio: Our music is a blend of jazz, rock, psychedelic, abstract and a little indie.


KS: What’s your writing process like?

TS: For the lyrics, it’s all [Dominic Rubio]. I write my drum lines.

Adam Ruthenbeck: I guess we come up with most of the ideas just by jamming. I’ll go to Thomas and Dom’s house and we’ll just start playing. If there’s something we like then we’ll listen back to it later and decide what we want to do with it.

Dominic Rubio: There were a lot of long nights of Adam and me just messing around and recording voice memos and then bringing those to Thomas and seeing what he wants to change or add.

TS: We listen to a lot of music together as a band. That influences a lot of what we bring to the jam the next day. I feel like a lot of times we listen to something and we’re not trying to reproduce it — we’re just trying to use it and make it our own and that only happens because of the amount of music that we listen to together.


KS: What’s your ultimate direction for your band and what are some of your goals?
DR: The goal was always to create this lasting memento for this time that we spent together — a time that is very fluid where a lot of things are changing. So the fact that we were able to get together and make something that reflects that, something that is going to last for longer, is a big part of what we want to do with the band.

TS: I just think it’s incredible that we recorded an album. It was a year of my life I’ll never forget. It’s something that’s tangible and eternal.

AR: Ever since we started playing together, it was like, “Alright, we’re going to make an album, like a studio recording.” It’s something we worked on for like a year straight.

DR: The first nine months of being a band we didn’t have a name or anything. We just knew we were making an album.


KS: Do you have any upcoming shows, and how can fans or fans-to-be access your music?

AR: We’re talking about doing a performance for USFtv.

TS: We’re very welcoming to other musicians and other artists. So if you happen to be a musician without a band or you’re just trying to jam, we would definitely welcome you to jam with us.

DR: Yeah, the house that we live in is… we want a lot of music-making to be going on there. We just want people to feel comfortable coming over and doing their thing and play music with us.


KS: Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

DR: The ocean is everywhere.


You can follow Shores Trio on Instagram @shorestrio and stream “Out of the Blue” on Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon Music. It is also available for purchase on CD Baby and Bandcamp.

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