Artist Spotlight: Sofia Rucker

Sofia Rucker is a senior marketing major with a minor in music. The Foghorn sat down with the Huntington Beach native to discuss her favorite music, her future in singing and overcoming fears.


Kate Sagara: Do you play any instruments?

Sofia Rucker: I sing, and I also play guitar and piano. Guitar has been a new endeavor. [I’m] trying to see if I can figure it out. But singing is the most comfortable thing [for me].


KS: Why did you feel compelled to sing and play instruments?

SR: Singing has been something that I’ve always done. I don’t really remember discovering it. My dad played a lot of music as a kid, and I always wanted to put on shows for people. We would be at parties and stuff, and I would force people to watch me. I’d be like, “Okay, it’s showtime! Sit down, I’m going to sing.” With piano and guitar, I wanted to take on those things more as a lifeline in a way. I just wanted to have the ability to accompany myself and be able to write [music] and not feel so reliant on other people.


KS: What is your favorite song at the moment?

SR: I like [Rex Orange County’s] song “Best Friend.” And my all time favorite song is “Vienna” by Billy Joel. I feel like for every young person confused about their life, that’s the perfect song to listen to.


KS: What are some of your fondest musical memories?

SR: I used to get really bad stage fright, which is weird because I’ve always loved performing. But I think it was [in] middle school, when you start feeling awkward about everything. I would get so stressed out. But I had this moment sophomore year where I was like, “I love this so much, why am I scared to do it? I should be grateful every opportunity that I get to do it.” Ever since I was 13, I’ve written this verse on my hand everytime I sing and its Philippians 4:13. It goes, “I can do all things through He who gives me strength.”


KS: Do you see music fitting into your plans for the future? If so, how?

SR: I don’t know how it will, but I don’t think I can live without it. It’s nice to perform in your bedroom, and it’s nice to play some songs for yourself, but I also really feed off of performing in front of other people. YouTube is my main [outlet] for that and I’m trying to elevate videos to not just be me with a piano, but for it to be more like storytelling and more engaging. So right now, I’m focusing on YouTube and writing my own music and seeing where that can take me.


You can find Rucker on her YouTube channel at SofiaRuckerSings.

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