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I’ve hooked up with a guy a few times and I’m starting to really like him, but I don’t know if he feels the same way about me. We used to text and Snapchat a lot, but after the first time we hooked up, we don’t really text/Snapchat anymore. Do I tell him I like him or do I just say nothing?



Dear Fazed and Confused,

This can be a very tricky situation, but don’t stress. Tell him how you feel because he might feel the exact same way. Or he may not be into you as more than a hookup buddy, and that’s okay too. In either case, you should be upfront with him. What if he felt the same way, but was too scared about how you felt that he decided not to? It’s always best to be honest with someone. The texting and Snapchatting distance may feel a little worrisome — especially when it’s with someone you like — but this time in school, with midterms and finals lurking around the corner, can be very stressful. Not everyone has time to catch up on social media in between classes, studying and work. Reach out to him in person and be honest with him. It’s only fair you let him know how you feel. Also, in the case that he may not want anything more than a few more hookups, remember that you can’t love someone into loving you. Being friends with benefits may never lead to anything more. Really ask yourself what you want and be realistic about the relationship. Whether or not you decide to keep that relationship going is your choice. I really hope the best for you, and hope I was of some assistance.


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