ASUSF Senate Meeting

Sharon Arana

Contributing Writer

With the new school year in full swing, it’s time to start an action packed year. Every Tuesday, the Associated Students of University of San Francisco (ASUSF) Senate gather at the UC 4th Floor Lounge to discuss and vote on pressing topics directly affecting the undergraduate students at USF. It is vital that USF students stay up to date and informed with the issues brought to the table. This week, the ASUSF senators had a variety of topics on the agenda.

  • A presentation from the San Francisco Department of Elections, where they held a voter registration training session for the senators and meeting attendees— describing and detailing specific guidelines and helpful tips for voter registration drives.   
  • A Market Café initiative was presented by Junior Class Representative Delvin Hodges; inspired by the Green Monday movement of having only vegetarian options on Mondays, which was adopted by other universities such as UCLA and Columbia University in an effort to bring awareness to healthier options. In his initiative, Hodges states that this would apply exclusively for the Market Café, which is where the majority of the students on meal plans get their meals. USF’s all other cafeteria locations, such as Lone Mountain’s Wolf and Kettle, would still have meat options available. Hodge’s final draft will be presented and voted on by the senators at next week’s meeting.
  • The Divestment Campaign was presented by Elise Barone, Jess Pappas, and the rest of Reinvest USF, a student-led campaign calling on USF to freeze any new investment in fossil-fuels, and to divest within five years from fossil fuels. ASUSF President Shaya Kara stated that this resolution was presented last year. Kara spoke to USF President Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J. on this topic, who said that the school is tied to fossil fuel companies indirectly, and is working on collaborating with more climate friendly companies.
  • An overview on the ASUSF Fall Summit was presented by Ashley Simon, Vice President of Public Relations. This will serve the senators as a training and will be held in the McLaren Complex on Sept. 20; this summit will also count as that week’s ASUSF Senate meeting.
  • Advisor reports brought forth from Brittany Sanguma, Assistant Director for Campus Engagement and Nicholas Heng, Graduate Intern for Student Government. Together, they announced that a total of 70 applications were submitted last week for this upcoming school election cycle, representing the pool of applicants for the Residence Hall Council and for the freshman class senator position. Applications are now closed, and the Fall Student Elections will be held from Sept. 22-29.      

If you would like your voice to be heard and represented by your senators, or if you would like to get more involved and active, many ASUSF committees are still eagerly reaching out and searching for new general members. Meetings are held from 6-8 p.m. every Tuesday at the UC 4th Floor Lounge and many decisions are presented and placed in the hands of the elected senators during these meeting every week.

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