Average Dudes Triumph in New Apatow-Esque Comedy “She’s Out of My League”

As soon as I stepped into the room with two of the funniest dudes in Hollywood one thing was obvious: Jay Baruchel (“Knocked Up” and “Tropic Thunder”) and Nate Torrence (“Get Smart”) have a dynamic that many comedy casts don’t have. Their hysterical chemistry is clear watching them on-screen in their new film “She’s Out of My League,” and even more charming in-person.

Going on an interview circuit with another actor that you have only worked with once may seem like an awkward experience for most, but it was evident that it did not bother Baruchel or Torrence. “It’s really nice when you get along with someone and can spend the entire day with them talking about the same thing,”  Torrence said.

A film like “She’s Out of My League” certainly would bring a cast together since it is about a topic that most people relate to. The comedy tells the story of Jay Baruchel’s character, Kirk, who starts dating a woman (played by the lovely Alice Eve) who he (and everyone around him) thinks is too attractive for him. This premise may seem relatable to many, but not to Baruchel.

“For my money, I’m a catch… I thought the name of the movie was ‘I’m really good looking,’” Baruchel joked.

Torrence, whose optimistic character in the movie acts as a shoulder angel to Kirk, said “I’m currently married to someone that’s way more attractive than I am… we got married when I was 20 and I remember literally being like, ‘I am probably not going to ever get anyone this hot.’”

Throughout the film several scenes feature the main cast sitting around, allowing them to improvise conversations. Torrence elaborated on the cast’s chemistry when he said, “You can tell that we all got along, had the same sense of humor, and that makes for some fun moments.”

Baruchel echoed the sentiment as well by saying, “It’s very cheesy, but one of my happiest things about the movie is that I came out of it with a bunch of best friends.”

Although, Baruchel and Torrence had never worked together before this film, there are a few scenes that have certainly brought the two actors together. “There are scenes a man should never have to show his son,” said Torrence, referring to a certain provocative scene between the two actors. Baruchel described the bond, as akin to going to war together, to which Torrence added, “When he burns his hand on a pot, I feel it.”

“She’s Out of My League” joins a brand of average guy comedies, which model many of Judd Apatow’s comedies such as 2007’s “Knocked Up,” that feature main characters relatable to most viewers. “We were trying to combat the alpha-male frat misogyny aspect because none of us are like that,” said Baruchel. “Truthfully, it’s the emergence of the regular guy. Not just the movie-regular guy… I really do like trying our best to show four quintessential average American dudes hanging around, but then again I stress that what separates us from other movies is that we’re not just crummy guys.”

Baruchel proudly confessed that he’s also a “momma’s boy.” “I live two blocks away from my mother and I don’t want to do anything that would upset her,” he said.

Hopefully he has made his mother proud. “She’s Out of My League” is in theaters now so grab your bros and head to the movies for a good laugh.


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