Awkward Silence Brings Humor to Superstitious Day

A skipping Mark Zuckerberg and a cast of black cats may not be who you spent your Friday night with, but dozens of students did just that on Friday the 13th. Crammed into a classroom in Cowell, students sat and stood where room allowed, laughing to the point of tears at USF’s comedy and improvised theater group, Awkward Silence. The improv cast is made up of nine USF students in assorted majors and class standings. AwkSci, as they call themselves, performs numerous times throughout the school year and treated their peers to an interactive performance last week.


Each member dressed up as the superstitious black cat, fit with black ears and whiskers to celebrate the rare and superstitious night. Interacting with the audience in all of their games, they spent the night making the crowd laugh with their hilarious and quick-witted jokes in their 11 skits.


The cast of black cats played the game, MyMovie, where they had to make up movie titles and scenes off of a single letter. Victoria Hunt/FOGHORN


Awkward Silence opened the evening with the game “Town Hall Meeting.” Similar to Mad Libs, audience members chose a verb ending in -ing and a noun, ending up with a “Skipping Mark Zuckerberg.” Members of the cast plotted themselves around the room in random open seats, and jumped up once called on to speak as “members of the community.” Awkward Silence’s Riley Evans stood up, taking the role of a concerned soccer mom, and complained that a skipping Mark Zuckerberg emotionally scarred her children and they would never recover. Senior Brady Hutchings acted as an skipping Olympian who was impressed by the promising talents of Zuckerberg. With Awksci only having seconds to come up with ideas around the main plot given by the audience, the room broke out into laughter at the ridiculous characters they had come up with.


Another crowd favorite was “MyMovie.” The audience got to pick a random letter, and the Awkward Silence cast had to come up with a movie title beginning with that letter. If a title stuck out, the “director,” Evans, would expand her arms, signaling the person who threw out the name to show a snapshot of what the movie would look like. Freshman Zoe Williams and senior Kenadi Silcox had to perform Silcox’s idea of a movie called “Uglier.” Silcox walked up to Williams and pouted, “I’m just so ugly.” Williams replied with, “Well, not as ugly as me,” with a big grin on her face. The simple joke set the tone for the remaining performances, as it was the straightforward humor that made the night feel like you were just hanging out with your friends, joking around.


They ended the wholesome, belly-aching night with the game “Sex is like…,” where, for one last time, the audience got to throw out ideas. After somebody threw out “Coachella,” the cast had to explain why sex is like Coachella. Bisaria said, “Sex is like Coachella, because it’s a three day event.” The audience loved it.


This Friday the 13th was filled with a little less superstition and a lot more hysterical comedy by talented Dons. Awkward Silence is holding their last show of the year on Friday, May 4. They are a must-see improv group that is bound to have you cracking up at any given moment during their performances.  


Featured Photo: The crowd laughed and cheered on their performing peers. Victoria Hunt/FOGHORN

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