Awkward Silence Kills It at the “My Akward, Bloody Valentine” Show

After two wildly successful performances at the Golden Gate Regional College Improv Tournament a few weeks ago, USF’s improv team, Awkward Silence, is riding high on their success. To celebrate, and to raise funds to head to nationals in Chicago next month, Awkward Silence put on a Valentines themed show in Cowell Hall. The admission was $5, but no one could argue that it wasn’t for an extremely good cause.
Joined by UC Davis’ improv team Birdcage Theater, it was a night of local Northern California comedy.
Birdcage Theater took the stage first. For the students at USF who frequent our school’s improv shows, it was rather refreshing to see some new faces spice up the evening. Considering the fact that USF does not have the built in camaraderie with others schools quite like the UC system does, Davis added a friendly dose of intercollegiate fun.
When Awkward Silence took the stage for the remainder of the night, it was easy to see why our team will be representing the Bay Area in the Improv Nationals. Team Captains Eddie Harrison and Matt Cline facilitated the nights festivities per usual. In addition to the two captains, all of the Awkward Silence personalities we’ve come to know and love were present.
The two hour evening consisted in performances of all the improv games that make our team as talented as they are. What’s more exciting than the show itself was the fact that their next big performance is going to be in the birthplace of improv comedy, Chicago.
When considering the greatest comedians of the last century, it is hard to find one that didn’t pay his or her dues in Chicago.
Captain Eddie Harrison, a native of Chicago, has served his time as an intern at the legendary Second City Improv Troupe. John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Stephen Colbert, Tina Fey, and Jane Lynch are just a few notable alumni of the theatre.
In fact, 30 Rock viewers will often find themselves watching Liz Lemon’s flashbacks to her days in the Chicago comedy scene.
With all the talent of the team and the obvious support from their friends here in San Francisco, it seems that the team is poised to do the City proud when they make their way to the Midwest in a few weeks.
“I’ve been on the team for four years, and they get better with each. I’m very glad they got the recognition they deserve.,” said Harrison.
For those who made the rainy evening trip to Cowell Hall last Friday, feel good knowing that your support will help Awkward Silence give one hell of a performance in Nationals.


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