Beat-Punkers Let Second Album Go

At first listen the Ettes sound fast, catchy and fun. It’s with a second listen that the true greatness of the band shines through: a girl punk revival. Channeling the vocals of Blondie or Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s with the heavy drums and simple guitars of the Ramones, the Ettes craft a spunky take on rock ‘n’ roll. The band, comprised of Coco on vocals and guitar, Jem on vocals and bass and Poni on drums, formed in Los Angeles in 2004.

The album art on their newest album “Look At Life Again Soon” summarizes the attitude of the band in a series of digitized collage scenes. The inside contains scenes of the serious musicians rocking away, while the outside shows the band in slice and diced rocker clothes holding a unicorn. They’re part serious musician, part rockstar, part magical and entirely kick butt.

The no-nonsense lyrics and female vocals sound like an inspiration for all girls to pick up a guitar and say what’s on their minds. “Two Shakes” stands out as the danceiest track on the album with traditional punk melodies. However, it’s “You Can’t Do That To Me” that embraces the strong woman attitude. Coco sings “There’s quite a rift between/Your word and what you mean…I don’t know what to do/For what you did to me/I took a piece of you/And threw it in the sea/You can’t do that to me.” As a whole, the album flows cohesively and proves to be a solid record from start to finish. The band provides a variety of sounds while maintaining their shtick and with names like “Girls Are Mad” and “Where Your Loyalties Lie” they certainly have a strong message. The only potential improvement? The album should be on vinyl for the squeaks and pops of a real punk LP.

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