Best Coast Rocks the West Coast

Best Coast put on a special free concert last week at Amoeba’s record store on Haight Street. With minimal advertising of the event, those that came into the store were surprised to also be attending a small concert. Not long after the performance started, people began flooding into the shop.

The duo Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno took no time to introduce themselves. They immediately started off their performance with heavy guitars strumming to the crowd’s delight, seguing into material from their new album, “Fade Away.” Cosentino’s beautiful voice permeated the store throughout the show.

Maintaining the trends of its past work, Best Coast’s new songs are full of smooth guitar riffs and female vocals. Finally speaking to the crowd, the group introduced its title track song, “Fade Away.” The song is full of melancholic undertones, with slow-paced drumming and vocals. The band seemed to toy with the audience’s emotions, intertwining past songs that are usually fast-paced with heart-wrenching new material.  Nearing the close of the show, Cosentino introduced “I Don’t Know How,” a charming song from “Fade Away.” For the first minute or so, it seemed as though everyone was swaying sadly in unison, humming along to themselves.

The band’s entire performance lasted only thirty minutes, consisting of both old and new material. Best Coast closed the show by proclaiming its love of California and San Francisco. Cosentino and Bruno met with fans who lined up to get a copy of “Fade Away” and autographed merchandise. You can see them again live with the Pixies in February at the Fox Theater in Oakland.


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