Budgeting in today’s Economy

The outlook of our present economic state has led to many people looking to alternative means for financing their lives. During this semester, I have taken several steps into cutting back and saving more. I have begun to work part-time, to make some side money. I have cut back on going out to places such as movies, restaurants, and clubs. I have not gone shopping, a huge cut back for me, which has saved me a lot this semester. Biggest of all though, I have made it a point to provide myself with all of my meals daily, making my own lunches and dinners, which enable me to save the expense of buying food every day. I am also shopping for groceries at super markets that are less expensive, which has helped me save a great deal and find good deals on produce.
With the changes that I have made to my life, I have found struggles both challenging and positive. By providing myself with lunches, rather that dinning out I have to allocate time to make lunches to bring with me, which is a challenge. Also, rather than going out and spending money on movies or clubbing I have stayed at home, and this has presented me with struggles with friends. Even though they understand my desires to save money, stay at home, and work on homework there are still pressures involved in any case. I have also cut back greatly on spending money on clothing and shopping for personal goods. I have actually started to sew clothes, and repair the clothing that I already own, rather than spending money on replacing it.

I have also made a change to my everyday spending on a constant perk known as coffee; I would buy cups of coffee, tea, and treats daily to keep going with my schedule. By cutting back on this expense I have been able to save a considerable amount, which can now go to something more beneficial such as gas. Making small changes within my everyday routine has truly changed not only how much money I am able to save, but also my outlook on my finances. I am saving more and enjoying more because I have more money saved up. Even though I have high hopes for a better economy, I am using this time to truly learn how to save where I can, which will help me in my future.

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