Campus Chic: Booties Cross All Style Borders

Sophia Martinez (top left), Karen Mendez (middle), and Kamilla Nosovitskaya (top right) show how versatile their booties are by modeling in the stacks, or impromptu runways, of Gleeson Library. (Tamar Kuyumjian/Foghorn)

There is no question that the majority of USF students dress to impress, but by no means do we all dress the same. Our styles vary from sharply put together ensembles with every accessory strategically placed to three-minute outfits rich with the inspiration of every changing day. And yet, the ability to manipulate an article of clothing and incorporate it into a new look can be tricky. Sometimes it goes wrong, but just by taking a look around campus, you can see how often our students get it right. Short heeled shoes known as booties are adorning the ankles of stylish female students around campus. Although not a brand new off-the-runway trend, this type of shoe is stomping through every style of wardrobe at USF. Here are three students who rocked their booties for a fashion shoot in the stacks of Gleeson Library.

Karen Mendez, a senior international business major, loves the easy-to-wear lifestyle. Mendez rocked her leather booties by pairing them with black leggings with zippers at the heels, a white shirt belted at the waist and a scarf around her forehead. Mendez said, “I love how functional and easy the booties are; they go with everything and are comfortable for longer wear.”

Sophia Martinez, a senior business administration major, updates the classic prep look when she steps out in her booties. Her white and navy pinstriped blazer, blouse with a ruffle detail at neckline and dark denim jeans all add up to the typical polished preppy outfit, but the suede black booties that fold over at the ankle make this style modern again. Martinez expressed her look as being current yet classic: “I love taking trend items and incorporating them with classic pieces. I feel that booties are fun and easy and can be worn with any look.”

Kamilla Nosovitskaya, a senior business administration major, embraces the booties trend in a boho look.
Nosovitskaya sported a black fitted skirt, a shapeless cream blouse, dark silver booties that gathered at the heel and completed the look with a braided hair-band across her forehead. Nosovitskaya said, “I love to play with looks and inspirations from past styles and incorporate them with the latest trends.”

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