Campus Chic: Rex Walters Edition

More disheartening and annoying than USF’s inability to close the gap and upset Gonzaga on Friday night was the appearance of head coach Rex Walters and the USF coaching staff.  Apparently, they never got the “Dress for Success” memo that was sent to the Gonzaga coaching staff, who arrived at the Hilltop suited and booted.  Walters and the gang looked like a bunch of broken streetlights in their yellow polo shirts with thin, bright-green cross stripes.

The most unprofessional looking of them all was Walters who sported slacks and dress shoes to go along with his un-tucked shirt.  Walters paced and ran back and forth alongside his bench the entire game, his shirt bottom messily flailing with every hand gesture towards his players and the referees.  His wardrobe malfunction can surely be held accountable for a 3-5 point swing alone just based on the sloppy vibe he was giving off.

What happened to the fresh-to-death Rex from Florida Atlantic, the sharply-dressed Walters at his news conference when he was given the USF job, or even the clean-cut coach who started patrolling the USF bench this season?  Stick to the classic look.  The black or dark blue suit and while shirt did you just fine.  You can show school pride with a green or gold tie.

We all know it’s been a tough year.  At least go through the bumpy road with smooth style.

17 thoughts on “Campus Chic: Rex Walters Edition

  1. Did you not hear about the Gold Out for the USF-Gonzaga game? That’s why he was wearing the shirt. Why didn’t you mention that? Or didn’t you know?

  2. Hummm…maybe some background info on why the staff was dressed in gold to begin with? You left a big piece of the puzzle out.

  3. It was a Gold Out for that game Nick…there were emails and posters promothing this. That’s why he and the coaching staff wore the gold shirts. Otherwise, they wear white shirts.

  4. I believe Mr. Mukhar was well aware of the “Gold Out,” and still felt it was no excuse for sloppiness.

  5. The writer didn’t mention the Gold Out. If he is writing an ENTIRE article about what the coach was wearing, don’t you think that he would have mentioned the fact that a LOT of people were wearing Gold and they were selling Gold T-Shirts in the lobby? The coaches did it to get in the spirit of the Gold Out. In my opinion, the writer was not aware of the Gold Out when he wrote the article. Very shoddy research.

  6. The shirts were mellow yellow, not gold. I think the Gold Out was a great idea and lots of students and alumni wore the shirts, but the coaching staff were wearing what could only be described as a “wardrobe malfunction.” LOL – very entertaining writing.

  7. First of all i’m glad to see such great feeback. I was aware of the Gold Out. That was not the point of the piece. The piece was about how unprofessional the entire staff looked, especially Walters. His shirt was flailing around. It was awful. He needed to AT LEAST tuck his shirt in. They could have shown their school pride with colored ties, as I mentioned in the piece. Also, had I included the Gold Out in the piece, I would have also included the fans that, for the most part, did not participate in the Gold Out. Lastly, they failed to purchase gold shirts. The shirts were yellow. Thank you for all of your comments.

  8. Nicholas,

    Did you wear a gold/yellow shirt at the game? Did you sit in the student section? Did you cheer on the Dons? Or do you just like to write articles to criticize?

    And why didn’t you ONCE mention the Gold Out when you referred to Coach Walters’ shirt? Did you not think it relevant?

  9. I know they were wearing the polo shirts for the ”GOLD OUT”” but I completely agree that it looked REAL sloppy having the shirts untucked by Walters and Byrd. I am a high school coach and I could not believe it. I think Walters will do a great job but it looked awful.

  10. I was not sitting in the student section. I was sitting on the baseline taking photos. I was there as a photographer. I had a better view than any of Coach Walter’s sloppy shirt.

  11. Honestly, I enjoy reading the Foghorn and very much enjoy attending Dons games. However, I felt that this article was extremely unnecessary. The whole point of it was to bash on the coaching staff’s clothes, what good comes from that? Were you just out of ideas on what to talk about? Why not talk about the great job they are doing coaching? I found this article rude and useless.

  12. when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you play good. Fake it until you make it baby. Rex why don’t you slide down to Nordstrom and pick out a power tie.

    -in an interview you said you were settling into a house near campus, thats got to be in the mil range if not higher, you can afford some dubs.

  13. Did you seriously just write an article about an untucked shirt?

    Has USF become THAT boring? Write a decent sports article please.

  14. It was a fashion column. The Foghorn sports section is not only for game stories. If you continue to read the sports section this issue, you will find a variety of stories that are also human interest stories. The shirt was not gold. It was yellow and green. The untucked shirt was very sloppy and unprofessional. Coach Walters is better than that. This story was about that. It was a different look at the game. If you would like to submit a rebuttal column or a column on how good of a job they are doing, go ahead. That was not my angle. The Foghorn is open to the entire USF community.

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