Campus Chic: The Foghorn Checks Out Who’s Stylin’ Around Campus

Living in a hip city like San Francisco gives students inspiration and incentive to keep it stylish. Here at the Foghorn we want to highlight some of the exceptional dressers around campus. Reporter and resident hipster Chloe Schildhause scouts campus to find USF’s best dressed. Keep it classy, kids. You never know when Chloe will be on the prowl.

Despite the removal of the trailers on that massive lawn next to the church, groups of students were seen on the first day of classes reuniting on the grass in front of Cowell, a familiar safe haven. This is where I discovered Sina Ghahreman, an impeccably dressed individual.  The first day of classes happened to also be Sina’s birthday, which explains his head accessory.

On his birthday, Sina wore a red plaid print blazer from Thrift Town, J. Brand jeans that he stole from a friend, a v-neck shirt from H & M (“so embarrassing,” he said) a pair of Ray Ban aviators that he had just received for his birthday, a ring from Pink Lotus, another ring from the Irish festival (“It was downtown, but there was nothing Irish about it”) a few bracelets he found at his friends house, a pair of brown ankle length French Connection boots that were on sale and to top it off a gold medallion encrusted crown from Mendel’s Fabrics on Haight St.

“I like taking things from friends because I’m poor,” Sina said, but when he does shop he advises everyone to choose shirts from H&M over American Apparel. “American Apparel fades,” he said, “and I don’t shop at Urban Outfitters anymore because they support Prop 8.” Sina’s favorite fashion item is the hat. “Normally I’m wearing hats, but today I’m wearing a crown.”  Stalk Sina at his blog:

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