Campus Chic

Jenny Williams, 19
English student

Maybe it was the warm weather that had USF swarming with fashionable individuals last Thursday. Jenny Williams was one of the many fashionistas cruising down the sidewalk outside Harney. She wore jeans that she purchased from a garage sale with a hand-sewn patch on the ankle. The cloth for the patch came from a shirt she bought at Bargain Barn in her native land of Santa Cruz. Her shirt was from Forever 21, the brown belt was from Thrift Town, the sweater was H&M and the woven brown shoes from eBay. Her bag was from a flea market in Santa Cruz and her nalgene bottle was from the USF bookstore. As an accessory, Jenny wore a diamond heart necklace. “All the women in my family have the same one,” she said. The necklace was given to her by her grandfather. Her earrings are emerald studs – her birthstone. Jenny was born May 3, making her a Taurus. 

Jenny thinks the best store out there is Bargain Barn in Santa Cruz, and she admires the wardrobe of Woody Allen. “I just love him,” she said. “Ever since I started watching his movies, I find myself dressing more and more like him, which can be seen as a good or bad thing since he is a bit frumpy.”

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