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Student Assistant @ KUSF

The student assistant position at KUSF may be unpaid, but it’s a job that’s far from thankless. For students who are willing to put in long hours, the perks acquired can be as numerous as the awards this radio station has garnered over the years. 

If you’re interested in music, broadcasting and other forms of media, KUSF is an ideal place to network with bands, record labels, music venues and ticket vendors. 

Students who are very committed to working at KUSF could find themselves DJing their own show in as little as two or three months with the advantage of having been trained by professional KUSF DJs. Of course, if you want to be the next Howard Stern, you could potentially run into some issues.
The most diligent and dedicated KUSF assistants spend their leisure time at some of the most popular concerts in town. Best of all? The tickets are provided, free of charge, by KUSF. Sorry, no Hannah Montana tickets available at present.

Student Assistant @ Gleeson Library

For those who don’t think that being surrounded by books is enough of a perk, there are plenty of other nifty benefits to being a student assistant at Gleeson Library. 
You’ll have a full understanding of the library and the resources that are available so that when research papers roll around you’re not perusing through Wikipedia articles the night before a deadline. 

There are also staff parties every semester where you can win USF gear or action figures based on famous people from history and literature (think Tolstoy with karate-chop-action). 

Lastly, Gleeson Library will ensure you graduate in style. Students who graduate from USF under the employment of Gleeson Library can have a library book of their choice dedicated to them. Here’s hoping there’s at least one volume of Harry Potter a current employee hasn’t called dibbs on. 

USF Ambassadors

You see them around campus all the time, leading throngs of wide-eyed prospective students across campus, but did you know that USF Ambassadors are some of the highest-paid student workers on campus? The starting wage for new Ambassadors is $12 an hour. And the free polo t-shirts are pretty snazzy, too.  

For trivia geeks, it’s a dream job. You’ll learn how USF’s mascot went from being the Grey Fog to the Don. You’ll dazzle your friends with your knowledge of USF. They’ll wonder how they went to this school for so long without knowing any of the amazing facts that your brain is positively brimming with.

Training also includes a trip to one of the most inaccessible places on campus: the towers of St. Ignatius Church. From this privileged perch you can be certain that you are taking in one of the most spectacular views in all of San Francisco.

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