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USF’s 2016 Campus MovieFest allowed students to film, edit and release a five minute short film, all in one week. In the end, 19 different films were made. These are some of the best.

1.) The Mind Of Robby

A fairly straightforward character study, this film shows one day in the life of Robby, a USF student dealing with uncontrollable compulsive behavior. “The Mind Of Robby” succeeds because of its lovable protagonist, who details the difficulties of OCD through first-person narration. Although quite witty, “The Mind Of Robby” admirably refuses to shy away from the difficulties of OCD. Freshman Rob Chandra fills the lead role perfectly, nailing Robby’s discomfort and frustration.



2.) Mindsets

A plotless experimental film dripping with the surreal, “Mindsets” shows us a kaleidoscopic vision of the artistic mind. This film is very hard to describe, but it loosely tells the story of Wai (the name of the film’s creator, senior Wai Yan), an artist wading through his own subconscious to find an artistic idea that he can turn into reality. The editing is stellar (it won the Silver Tripod for Editing) and the creativity on display will enrapture any viewer.



3.) That Guy

Ever have a guy who just shoots out bad idea after bad idea? The makers of “That Guy” totally do. A visually inventive comedy revolving around two filmmaking roommates and their annoying friend who can’t stop butting in, this film deserves praise just for sheer scope. It contains several films-within-the-film, including a thrilling bank robbery, a suave spy mission and even a rooftop chase sequence featuring drones.


4.) Gasp!

“Gasp!” follows an unnamed student as she struggles to get through her day, facing self-doubt and insecurity at every turn. This melancholic film lets the emotional toll of anxiety play out literally, contrasting scenes of visceral emotional pain with the forced restraint of someone trying to hold back their emotions. Props go to junior Julia Brekka, who takes some daring artistic risks in her lead role: would you be willing to hyperventilate on a Muni for art?



5.) Wholesom Inc.

A corporation rents out actors to lonely people looking for replacements for their family members. Sound creepy? It is, especially when you see the emotional toll the job has on the employees. Tackling themes of identity and self-hatred, this beautifully-shot film is probably the most unsettling of the 2016 MovieFest; a scene where an employee sits across from a creepy customer, pretending to play the man’s son, will make your skin crawl.




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