Proposed ROTC Requirements Not Needed

Columnist Joey Belleza responds to a previous letter to the President from a group of concerned…

ASUSF Budget Does Not Reflect Student Work

The Foghorn takes aim at the newly voted on ASUSF Budget for the 2009-10 school year,…

A Letter from your ASUSF President

ASUSF President Alex Platt reminds students the voice that senate gives them.

SoCal Perspective from a First Time Visitor

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Use Alternatives to Deceiving Health Foods

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USF Needs New Parking Policy

Parking at USF is ridiculous. Can I please have a stipend to pay my tickets?

Kairos: Gods Time? Real Time? Or Just Real Lame?

Columnist Anna Swanson discusses the legend of Kairos. Pay $60 to find out.

New Taxes Puts More Burden on California Workers

The Foghorn condemns statewide tax increases as Californians struggle with a flat economy.

Letter to the President and Board of Trustees

A group of USF students roll out a list of recommendations for ROTC.

History Must be Accepted for Peace to Work

Opinion Editor Nicholas Mukhar challenges Israeli consul general Akiva Tor's claim that Palestinians did not exist…