A Letter from your ASUSF President

ASUSF President Alex Platt reminds students the voice that senate gives them.

SoCal Perspective from a First Time Visitor

Erika Heyer details her first trip to SoCal. Sun anyone? Erika Heyer is a senior politics…

Use Alternatives to Deceiving Health Foods

Columnist Mimi Honeycutt uncovers five commonly misleading foods while offering alternatives. Mimi Honeycutt is a freshman…

USF Needs New Parking Policy

Parking at USF is ridiculous. Can I please have a stipend to pay my tickets?

Kairos: Gods Time? Real Time? Or Just Real Lame?

Columnist Anna Swanson discusses the legend of Kairos. Pay $60 to find out.

New Taxes Puts More Burden on California Workers

The Foghorn condemns statewide tax increases as Californians struggle with a flat economy.

Letter to the President and Board of Trustees

A group of USF students roll out a list of recommendations for ROTC.

History Must be Accepted for Peace to Work

Opinion Editor Nicholas Mukhar challenges Israeli consul general Akiva Tor's claim that Palestinians did not exist…

Wikis, Blogs and Ajax are Not Enough

Michael Villasenor, The Foghorn's Online Manager, talks tech at USF.

Student-Athletes Helped by Lawsuit Against NCAA

After a long court battle, student-athletes across the nation will benefit from a recent court ruling…