Chinn’s Goals On And Off the Field

Reigning WCC player of the year Connor Chinn has his sights set on doing it agian.  Foghorn Archives
Reigning WCC player of the year Connor Chinn has his sights set on doing it agian. Foghorn Archives

Number 11 of the USF soccer team, attacker Conor Chinn impresses fans with the quickness of his moves and his ability to score!

One of the mainstays of the team, Conor had what was probably one of his best seasons last year. Despite his busy schedule, Conor agreed to answer our questions between two practices.

San Francisco Foghorn: Hi Conor! Thanks for being there. Let’s start with the essentials. When and why did you start playing soccer?

Conor Chinn: I started playing when I was very little, probably when I was 5 or 6. I am a very competitive person and I love the sport in general. Soccer is a game of both skill and physical abilities; it also is a game that involves using your brain most of the time.

SFF: You are a fifth year senior at USF. What does that mean exactly?

CC: A fifth year senior means you redshirt a year so you save an eligibility year for another year. I transferred from Seattle University in 2005, after completing my freshman year there, but I redshirted and did not play that year. So when I came to USF, I still had four remaining eligibility years left. This is my fifth year in college, hence the fifth year senior.

SFF: What are you majoring? Is it hard to manage both studies and sports?

CC: I am a business administration major, and I will be graduating in December. It is a lot of time and commitment, but if you do your work and stay on top of your studies it is manageable.

SFF: Your last season was pretty impressive with 17 goals scored. Was that a record? Have you been awarded?

CC: My goals last year was a tie for second most goals scored in a single season, and it was a great achievement but I would like to keep it up this season as well. I was named West Coast Conference (WCC) player of the year last season, so I suppose that was an award for my play last season!

SFF: You guys won the WCC last year. How did you feel?

CC: Winning the WCC after being projected to finish fourth in conference is a great testament to my teammates on and off the field as well as our entire coaching and athletic staff who did not stop working during the season.

SFF: USF men’s soccer team is ranked 25. Do you feel more pressure on and off the field?

CC: There is definitely an added pressure by being the top team; everyone will be gunning for us, we will not be able to fly under the radar like last season. But before a game, I try to focus on the game and get into a calm state of mind.

SFF: The team already won two games. Do you feel confident about this season?

CC: Our team is very talented and if we play the way we know we can, we will be very good. Players like Bryan Burke, Jonathan Levi, Leon Williams and Victor Cortez, just to name a few, who we hope will have an outstanding year, are players that can make the difference.

SFF: What are your plans after you graduate?

CC: I am focused on this season right now, and what happens after will be worked out after the season.

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