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Sarinya Harinsuta

Contributing Writer

University of Texas at Austin, United States

Students of the University of Texas at Austin are openly carrying and displaying sex toys as an act of protest to the new state law which allows for conceal-to-carry handguns in college classrooms, and which went into effect on August 1. Lawmakers believe that allowing the conceal-to-carry law will help prevent mass shootings on college campuses, while carrying openly displayed sex toys is still considered illegal under local indecency laws.

American University of Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan

The American University of Afghanistan, a frequent target of terrorists attacks, witnessed two bombs go off on August 25 while the university was filled with students. At least 16 people were killed (including eight students and two professors) with another 36 other students and staff injured.  The university opened its doors in 2006 on the principles of gender equality, critical thinking, and religious equality and has since improved the life of its students by providing a quality higher education. In the past, survivors have refused to give up on their dreams of a formal education and continued to return to the university even after the attacks. The same is expected for this most recent attack

University of Sydney

Sydney, Australia

On the first day of orientation at the University of Sydney, protesters approached prospective students and parents with mattresses that read “welcome to the hunting grounds” to highlight sexual assault on campus. The protesters, students from the university’s Women’s Collective, included survivors of sexual assault on campus as well as their supporters. The protesters claim that the university’s silence on this issue condones rape culture that allows for student fear, trauma, and unrest. A survey conducted in Australia in 2015 saw “67% of women students have had an unwanted sexual experience, 94% of those students did not report it and 41% of students who reported their experience to the University of Sydney felt that the procedures did not help at all.” The university has denied that it does not do enough to help students report sexual assaults.

Central Saint Martins

London, United Kingdom

Brexit (the UK referendum to leave the European Union) has cast a cloud of uncertainty over the nation’s fashion schools such as Central Saint Martins, the number one spot at both BA and MA level. Fashion institutions depend on the EU funding in order to maintain their world class position. Although these fashion institutions received more than 800 million pounds (over $1 billion) in private funding last year, the schools still depend on public funding to help provide grants, loans, and scholarships to prospective students from within the United Kingdom. This compounded with the fact that leaving the EU has weakened the pound, makes it more affordable for international students to study in these institutions, creating a new wave of fashion students and potentially new styles, but at the expense of domestic students who could no longer afford going to fashion school.

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