College Player Profiles: Rocky Horror Show

Peter Gernon – Senior, Chemistry

What’s your role in “Rocky Horror?”

I am the Lead Caller for the show, which means I yell certain lines (“callbacks”) throughout the show, and help to train the other official callers on our cast. Basically, since “Rocky Horror” first came out 41 years ago, people developed a bunch of funny lines to yell at the screen throughout the film. And while we have been practicing calls for the past month, everyone is welcome to yell during the show. That’s what makes it great.

When was the first time you saw “Rocky Horror?”

I was 16, and my brother took my cousin and I to see it at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma, WA. It was weird and I barely understood what was happening, but I loved it. I could barely hear the movie, but certain lines and calls would come through, and five seconds later I would get the joke and die laughing.

What’s your favorite “Rocky Horror” song to perform?

“The Time Warp” is always fun, but I think my favorite is “Rose Tint My World” (the floorshow at the end). It’s a crazy number with some really fun callbacks, but it’s my favorite because for the last two years I was Brad Majors, and learning to dance in heels and fishnets for it was magnificent.

When was your first time onstage?

If you are asking about “ever,” I was the Mayor of the Munchkins in the “Wizard of Oz” in 4th grade.

What do you think about the movie?

“Rocky Horror” is an absolute mess as a movie. Watching the movie at home by itself is horrible, but the experience of seeing it in a theater with the chaos of calls and the shadowcast is magical. The cast has put lots of time and effort in, and the best way to show your support is to JOIN IN.

Dom Brown – Junior, Critical Diversity Studies; Theatre Minor


What is your role in “Rocky Horror?”

I had the honor to co-stage/direct this year’s production. Our “Rocky Horror” production is unique because instead of outsourcing the managerial roles of the show, the Executive board of CP adopts the roles of director, costume manager, choreographer, etc.

What’s the best thing about the production?

I have dedicated my last two Halloween seasons to Rocky Horror, either as a performer or part of the production team like this year. Being able to help direct it this year has been amazing because the excitement and astonishment that I felt when I first got to perform Rocky, I get to share that with the amazing cast and the audience. I grew so much out of my experience with Rocky and I only hope that I can pass a piece of that onto others.

When was the first time you saw “Rocky Horror?”

The first time I saw “Rocky Horror” was in Los Angeles at the Nuart Theater where they play it every. Single. Weekend. To say the least, everyone knew everyone and all the virgins (people who have never seen the show before) were treated like family. They brought all the virgins on stage and the entire audience surrounded us and joined hands forming a huge hug around us, welcoming us to this mind-blowing experience. Although I was definitely confused the entire time, like everyone is their first time (wink), I loved how active the audience was with the performers and for me, the main point was that everyone was sexually and physically comfortable with their bodies and I had never been in an environment like that before.

What’s your favorite “Rocky Horror” song to perform?

My favorite song to perform to is and forever will be, “Don’t Dream It, Be It.” During that song, the lap dances happen and the song is at the end of the show and it’s telling people “even if you didn’t understand the show, get this, be whoever you want to be, don’t just fantasize about it, but do it.”

RockyHorror-3151 (1).jpg
Monica Frangoul – Sophomore, Performing Arts and Social Justice


What’s your role in “Rocky Horror?”

I play Columbia, who is not only one of Dr. Frank N. Furter‘s servants, but is also madly in love with Eddie, following him around like a groupie.

What’s the best thing about your character?

What I love about Columbia is her bright, colorful energy! Even during her meltdowns, there is always passion behind her actions.

When did you first see “Rocky Horror?”

The first time I saw Rocky Horror was by myself, in my cave-like room, my junior year of high school. I’ve always wanted to watch Rocky Horror, but for some strange reason, I was afraid of what I would get myself into. After hearing so many of my friends RAVE about it, I finally watched it. Best. Decision.

What’s your favorite “Rocky Horror” song?

There are so many wonderful, upbeat songs in Rocky Horror. My favorite song to perform would be “Time Warp”, because of the fun dancing. My favorite song to watch would be I love seeing “Sweet Transvestite” because I love watching Dr. Frank N. Furter strut.

What are your favorite musicals?

My top two favorite musicals, that I have seen, are “Young Frankenstein” and “The Producers.”  

Why do you like performing?

I’ve alway loved a challenge, and the performing arts allows me to challenge the way I view both the world and myself. Also, because the performing arts have been a part of most of my life, I consider them as part of my identity and who I am. When I get to perform, I am able to share a little of myself with the audience. Performing will always be frightening, but in the end, the beauty of letting go of something that you, as a performer, put all your time and effort in is a heartwarming, invigorating feeling.

Noah Hapke

Freshman, Critical Diversity Studies

What’s your role in “Rocky Horror?”

Dr. Frank N. Furter (aka “The Sweet Transvestite”)

What’s the best part about your role?

Wearing 6″ platforms and being hella sassy to everyone.

How long does it take to get your makeup done?

Maybe 5 minutes?

When did you first see “Rocky Horror?”

My senior year of high school in Long Beach.

What’s your favorite “Rocky Horror” song to perform?

“Planet Janet” (when I get to chase Janet through the audience and freeze her to the floor).

Why do you like performing for people? What do you get out of it?

It’s great to be able to become a character not like yourself, and to learn more about yourself through the experience.

All Photos By Racquel Gonzales/ Foghorn


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