College Players Present Heathers

“Heathers: The Musical,” in all its controversial glory, lit up the Presentation Theater last weekend in more ways than one. Though a bomb goes off in the show, the real shock is found in the plot, which loosely follows that of the popular ‘90s movie by the same name. The stars of the show, Julianna King and Evan Boukidis, managed to convincingly portray a malleable but good-hearted girl in search of recognition and a silently tortured serial killer, respectively. Other highlighted roles included the charming Martha Dunstock, played by Anne Bonino-Britsch, and the hilariously douche-y jocks played by Ali Suleman and Mack Callicrate. The three Heathers, played by Dayna Hill, Sarah Medley and Isa Williams, gave the show its name with their beautifully done bitchiness combined with powerful vocals. The show was moving and disturbing, but it was clear from both director Aubreyana Murray’s opening statement and the cast’s commitment to the sensitive subjects in the show that this musical struck a chord for all involved.







Left: Heather Chandler (red) is the queen of the school, backed up by Heather Duke (green), who ultimately replaces her, and Heather McNamara (yellow), who nearly breaks under the social pressures later in the show. Veronica (blue) gets to hang out with them after she forges a hall pass for the Heathers.  Talia Jade Sourkes/FOGHORN


Right: Martha Dunstock (center, wheelchair) was Veronica’s best friend before the Heathers, and she is taken advantage of and made fun of by the rest of the school, to the point of attempted suicide. At the end of the show, however, she recovers and reunites with Veronica.  Talia Jade Sourkes/FOGHORN


Featured Photo: Heather Chandler is the first person to die in the show when she unknowingly drinks drain cleaner which J.D. intentionally put in her cup, and which Veronica knowingly delivered her her.



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