College Player’s “The Wedding Singer” Gets Ready for Its Premiere

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Ambrosia Lobo

What’s your role in “The Wedding Singer?”

AL: I play Julia Sullivan, the Drew Barrymore character. She is so sweet and always sees the good in everyone else, so I think it’s nice to bring her positivity and laughter into my personal life. It’s been nice to see how spunky and funny she is. She’s just the girl I wish I could be.


Why did you decide to be in the musical?

AL: I started performing with College Players in my sophomore year, and now I’m a senior, so it’s my last chance to perform in a musical. I wanted to be able to do the show, especially because a lot of the people in the cast I know through College Players, so it’s nice to have a final show with everyone.


What is your biggest challenge when you play Julia?

AL: The biggest challenge was getting my script and seeing I was going to be in 11 songs, but our music director has been awesome at helping with that. I think this is the biggest role I’ve had with this much singing, so that was a little overwhelming, but I think it’ll be fine.


What do you want the audience to get from the musical?

AL: Theatre is a time for to escape the real world, and just remember the things that make you happy. I want the audience to be able to have those two hours of happiness.


Danielle Massis

What’s your role in “The Wedding Singer?”

DM: I play Angie and I like how even though she’s not a huge character, she’s still important because she’s Julia’s mom. I love how she really just listens to her daughter and is a stereotypical 80s mom.


Why did you decide to be in the musical?

DM: I just thought the movie was so much fun, and I love Drew Barrymore, and I just wanted to be a part of it.


What is your biggest challenge when you play Angie?

DM: The biggest challenge is acting because I have to take on this nurturing persona and center myself and take on this role, as someone who isn’t a mother.


Do you have any experience acting?

DM: I danced ballet for seven years, and I was part of the San Francisco Children’s Musical Theatre, so I have experience, but this is my first College Players production and I’m really excited about that.       


Aly Suleman

What’s your role in “The Wedding Singer?”

AS: I’m in the ensemble, and through the ensemble, I’m in a couple of scenes with bigger roles — in the opening I’m David Fonda (Steve Buscemi), the groom’s brother, and I have a big drunk speech, and I’m also a bartender in another scene. I’m mostly there for just singing along and dancing.


Why did you decide to be in the musical?

AS: I’ve never done a musical in my life, and I’ve always been friends with theater people, and I really like the culture of it. I was afraid of doing it, until I actually started doing improv, and when I started college, I started taking classes like acting for non-majors, and that opened the world of acting for me.


What is your biggest challenge as an ensemble member?

AS: I struggle with balancing everything and getting enough sleep. I’m a biology major, so I have a lot of labs per week, with upper division classes and everything. That is the biggest challenge so I’m learning everything and being present to learn choreography and lines and everything, because I can’t dedicate all my time to it.


Who do you think is the funniest person in the cast?

AS: I think I’ve gotten close to most of the people in the cast and the eboard of College Players, and I have to say Matt [Morishige] is one of the funniest people. He’s just got this quirky sense of humor that no one else in the world has and it’s just amazing.


Anne Marie Bonino-Britsch

What’s your role in “The Wedding Singer?”

AMBB: I’m in the ensemble, but I do have a part known as “large lady” complete with fat-suit, look for it in the first act!


Why did you decide to be in the musical?

AMBB: I did theater in high school, so I know that theater people are very warm and open, and this is my first year at USF, so I wanted to feel a sense of community.


What is your biggest challenge as an ensemble member?

AMBB: She’s a very brash lady, she doesn’t care. I think the bigger roles are having a harder time and more challenges because they have to memorize so many lines and I just have to be here.


If you could perform in any production which one would it be?

AMBB: I’d love to be in “Hairspray” one day, that sounds like a lot of fun. Or “Hamilton,” any Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, really, he’s so talented.



Matt Morishige

What’s your role in “The Wedding Singer?”

MM: I play Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler). I like how Robbie is a musician, because I am also a musician and I play guitar too. I just think that his choices and failures are fascinating, and that passion and complexity and struggle to be a musician. The relationships he finds along the way and the way he relates to people is also really interesting.


Why did you decide to be in the musical?

MM: I’ve been acting for a really long time, but I’ve always had a love for musicals and hadn’t really done one before this, and this is my last semester, so I thought that I should audition for it.


What’s your biggest challenge as Robbie?

MM: Singing. This is really the first time I have to carry a performance based mostly on my singing, but I love that it’s something new.


What do you want the audience to get from the musical?

MM: I want them to just have a good time, that’s the good thing about musicals, they have less substance and are lighthearted. If anyone is having a stressful day, I want them to come and relax and enjoy the show. I just want them to come out of the theater saying, “I had a good time tonight!”


The College Player’s “The Wedding Singer” will be playing in Presentation Theater from February 23rd to February 26, 2017. Check out The College Player’s Facebook page for tickets and more information!


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