Commuter School?

A little over 4,000 USF undergraduate students (about 63 percent of all undergraduates) live off-campus, according to Torry Brouillard-Bruce, head of Student Housing and Residential Education. Some students put their faith in the lottery system, which decides which returning students get on-campus housing, while others begin looking for a lease around this time of year. Here are where some off-campus students are living, why they chose to live where they do, and perhaps most importantly: how much they pay in rent.


Aren Dakessian

Junior data science major

Alamo Square

$1,061 per month

Roommates: Four total housemates, two people per room

How I found my place: Craigslist

“We thought it was a unique building and all really liked the interior. Being that close to Divisadero and right across the street from a 31 stop are huge benefits, too.”

Lindsay Fasser

Junior international studies major

Inner Richmond

$965 per month

Roommates: Three total housemates, one person per room (three bedrooms, one made by putting a door on the living room)

How I found my place: Craigslist

“This one was close to campus, decently priced, and on the portion of Clement Street that has fun restaurants, grocery stores, shops and a public library.”

Lucas Pereira

Junior finance major

Central Richmond

$1,150 per month

Roommates: Two total housemates, two people per room

How I found my place: Craigslist

“My neighbors don’t speak to me very often, so I guess I like that they’re quiet. There’s also a nice little boy that says hi to me whenever I come home. He’s pretty cool.”

Ayah Mouhktar

Senior media studies major

The Tenderloin

$1,200 – $1,400*

Roommates: none

How I found my place: Craigslist

“I thought it was important for me to live alone at some point and living downtown was convenient for someone working two jobs and going to school full time.”

*Mouhktar requested her exact rent not be disclosed.


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