Competitive Dance Happens on Campus Too – Meet VarCity, USF’s Own Hip-Hop Crew

Junior Luis Cervantes dances competitively alongside del Rosario at TheCompany, but that’s not the only crew the 19-year-old international business major is a part of. He’s also the president of VarCity, USF’s hip-hop dance club.

VarCity is a campus organization that’s open to dancers of all levels. It was founded in 2010 with the purpose of helping students get out some energy, relax and relieve the stress of college life through dance.

“VarCity is our place to forget everything else and just have a good time,” Cervantes said.

As president, Cervantes is challenged to make the club fun and beneficial for everyone involved. He works with dancers at many different skill levels and dance experience. It’s his job to make sure everyone is on the same page.

“Being in charge of a team is challenging at times but it is always rewarding considering the fact that it involves doing something that I absolutely love with people I absolutely adore,” Cervantes said.

The San Diego, Calif. native admits that sometimes it’s hard fitting that much dance into his schedule, but with a little time management and the help of a planner, he does alright. He believes that “we make time for the things we love.”

It’s clear through his participation in two dance crews, and his position as president of one of them, that Cervantes loves dance. He believes that his passion has grown since he came to San Francisco,  joined

TheCompany and became a part of VarCity.

“I can honestly say that I have fallen deeper in love with dance – as corny as that sounds,” Cervantes said.


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