CSI Construction on Time, As Usual

For those of us who are returning to USF in Fall of 2013, a new addition to our tight-knit campus awaits: the CSI building. Whether you’re a science major or simply filling your cores, chances are you’ll be frequenting the officially named John Lo Schiavo Center for Science and Innovation.

After almost two years of construction, the building is finally nearing completion. “We are currently on schedule to open for classes in fall of 2013,” said Kristy Vivas, project manager.

As for the most current updates, Vivas reported that the sheetrock is now being mudded and painted. Sheetrock is the paneling used for drywall, meaning that the inside of the building is well underway along with the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructures. The casework—the cabinets and shelving—have been delivered and are waiting to be installed.

Chemistry majors will be happy to know that the fume hoods have been delivered, as well, so those harmful chemicals will have a home until they are ready to be studied in the new laboratories. Vivas added that the big, looming tower crane on campus is schedule to be off campus by spring break.


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