Curry Up Now

Gianna Ferraro

Staff Writers


PLACE: Curry Up Now (659 Valencia St.)

PRICE: Sexy Fries ($10)


Curry Up Now is a gratifying gastronomic experience of rich and sweet flavors that summon a sense of culture and creativity. On Valencia and 18th Street, where the variety of cuisine is diverse and plentiful, one is effortlessly drawn into the warmly-lit open space and easy vibes of this Indian street food eatery.

Curry Up Now offers an extensive menu with casual, speedy service. With its menu inscribed on an entire interior wall, colorful text compels hungry eyes to bounce back and forth from each deliciously decadent dish. The coolest part about these dishes is their innovative approach to Indian cuisine, such as the richly spiced Tikka Masala Burrito Bowl or the Deconstructed Samosas, while offering a variety of Indian street foods, such as their Vada Pav with a garlicky potato fritter and buttery bun. However, in classic Bay Area style, Curry Up Now inspires ingenuity with their most scandalous dish, the Sexy Fries.

A fair portion of criss-cross sweet potato fries are drenched with either a choice of zesty chicken or beef tikka masala or a highly-recommended vegan option appropriately dubbed, “hella vegan.” When the Sexy Fries are “hella vegan,” they are enhanced by two chutneys, one is sensationally sweet and the other is darkly-seasoned, as well as chickpeas, cauliflower, and onions. Each bite is explosive and exemplifies how the flavors of Indian street food can take an unexpected form and elicit a renewed sense of traditional tastes.


It’s tough to go wrong at Curry Up Now, but here are quick tips to make sure everything goes right. When the plate hits the table, eat, because nothing beats fresh, hot fries. For those over 21, add Samosa Saturday to your weekly calendar, with the tempting selection of wine and beer. Lastly, with nine different specialties classified as Indian Street Food, such as crisp papdi chips and samosa, don’t be afraid to stay awhile and snack!



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