Dancing With The Dons: AlunaGeorge and Cold War Kids at Donaroo

Aimee Myers
Staff Writer

It is not very often that a student is able to watch two Coachella acts perform just steps away from their usual study spot in the library or their favorite booth in the cafeteria. This past Saturday night, CAB brought AlunaGeorge and Cold War Kids to campus for a night of nonstop energy and boundless enjoyment.

AlunaGeorge is one of the rare artists who truly sound better live than recorded; Saturday night’s show was certainly a testament to that fact. The British pair managed to effortlessly transform Swig Gymnasium into an underground dance club with nothing but George Reid’s drum kit, Aluna Reid’s entrancing vocals, and a tiny keyboard, throwing the audience into a frenzy with every bass drop.

Their short but sweet set was comprised of everything from hits like “Your Drums, Your Love” and their newest instant sensations such as “You Know You Like It,” drawing in both casual listeners and avid fans instantly. As they continue on their national tour, they will be performing at Coachella this April.

Judging by the audience’s reaction, Cold War Kids has been a favorite of the USF community for quite some time, and thanks to CAB, the Los Angeles rockers were finally able to grace our campus with their presence. The band transitioned seamlessly between deeper cuts like “I’ve Seen Enough,” to crowd-pleasers like “Hang Me Up To Dry,” an ear-wormy cut from the band’s bluesy debut, “Robbers & Cowards.” Cold War Kids also made sure to work in some newer tracks off their latest album “Hold My Home.”

But regardless of whether every lyric was etched into the attendees’ minds or they hadn’t heard the band’s songs until that first chord blared through the PA, Cold War Kids delivered, and the audience’s energy certainly rivaled that of the band’s. Although performing on a college basketball court may prove to be one of the more unique stops on their major international tour, the five piece played as if it were a headlining slot at a massive festival, leaving the audience on a high note, with a desire for an endless encore.

Photo courtesy of Hamis Al Sharif/Foghorn


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