Debra Gore-Mann’s Letter to the Editor

Dear Ms. Heyer,

I had an opportunity to read your article entitled “Mystery Don” and appreciated the perspective you provided. I thought you might also want to see the email response I sent to this mystery writer. Thank you for your sports coverage of our teams. I know our coaches and student-athletes really appreciate it. My open door policy applies to all students as well and I welcome the opportunity to meet with you as well.

Best regards,

Debi Gore-Mann
From: Debra Gore-Mann 

I was forwarded your email below.  I’m surprised by your message because I have an open-door policy, and I meet regularly with USF alumni, fans and student-athletes.  Dozens of individuals have met with me one-on-one to express their concerns and to learn more about USF athletics and our goals. 
I love meeting with our student-athletes because you are a vital source of feedback about our program and how we can improve.  I sincerely hope you will meet with me so we can have an open, honest, and productive exchange.  Your input is important to me– as we strive to make USF Athletics, and the experience of each student-athlete, the best possible. 
I hope to hear from you soon to set up a meeting time.
Go Dons!
Debi Gore-Mann

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