DIY photo shoot for your Insta-isolation

Haley Keizur

Staff Writer

Whether you’re looking for creative ways to spice up your Instagram or you’re just bored out of your mind, a DIY photo shoot is a fun and easy way to entertain yourself for an afternoon. These tips could be used for a solo self-timer shoot, or you could try your hand at taking pictures of your siblings or quarantine buddies!

These photos can be taken with a camera or a phone, depending on which you’d prefer and what’s available. If you’re alone and need something to hold up your device, a tripod is helpful, but a chair or table with some books and other random items can also work. Here are some innovative ideas to bring your photo shoot to the next level!

Mirror, mirror on the wall

We’ve all seen the mirror challenges on TikTok, but take a spin and try it out yourself. You can take fun reflection photos with the mirror on your wall, or search your house for a cool mirror to bring outside. Play around with nature and sunshine to capture a unique shot.

It’s my party and I’ll take pics if I want to

Now’s the time to bring out those old homecoming and prom dresses that you have stashed away in the back of the closet and never expected to wear again. Add some Converse and a crown to take some girl-next-door princess style pics, or pop on a pair of heels and do a dramatic shoot with a fun background.

Lights, camera, Vogue

Dig out an old fashion magazine and rip out your favorite pages with cool model shoots and advertisements. Trim them so they have smooth edges and make a collage on your wall — you now have a free collage and fun backdrop! Throw on a fancy or fresh outfit, such as a silky dress or your favorite jeans, and snap some stylish pics with your bright wallpaper. 

Starry night

Cut stars out of a piece of paper and use the sheet with the missing cutouts to play with lights and shadows and cast a cool illusion. Or, pull out some glitter from your childhood craft projects and take photos of you blowing it like confetti, add it to your face like freckles. You can also balance a piece of glass on two chairs, pour the glitter on the glass, and then lay under it to get a picture from above. 

Lost in a thrift shop

You know that random clock, old portrait, or lamp that you convinced yourself you needed from your local thrift store? Pull it out and take some fun, avant-garde photos with the items and come up with a punny, clever caption for Instagram. 

Flower child

Take out that flower crown from your 2014 Tumblr days, or wait for a sunny day and pick some flowers from your backyard or neighborhood. Throw on a floral or bright sundress or t-shirt and mess around with an outdoor photo shoot. Or, if that’s not your vibe, wear something casual and pose in front of a cherry blossom tree, or put some dandelions in your pocket for a “pocketful of sunshine” moment.

Use what you’ve got and get Crafty

Now more than ever, you can get creative and weird with your photos — because why not? Dig out that random item of clothing you bought for a Halloween costume two years ago and have never been able to use, and style it in a unique way. Mess around with your hair and makeup to take editorial-style pictures like the ones that your favorite celebrities and influencers post, but you’ve never had the confidence to replicate. For your poses, make use of the furniture in your house, such as bright-colored armchairs, tables, and couches. Lastly, take advantage of blank walls and closet doors to take portraits and headshots to switch out your social media or LinkedIn profile pictures.

Snip, snap, and edit

Take this time to learn to edit and get creative with your photos. Use Photoshop or an iPhone app such as SuperImpose (my personal recommendation) to make collages and cutouts of your photos, or test out your artistic side with Illustrator or Procreate and add some doodles to your new pics.


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