Don on the Street: Changes to the Cafeteria

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After the end of last semester, the university’s catering company Bon Appetit went under new management. There were some new aesthetic and logistical changes made to the cafeteria since then, which included new menu items, new utensils, more detailed food labels, a rearrangement of how food is ordered, and a few other changes. Students at USF have always had a complicated relationship with the cafeteria and so the Foghorn asks, what do you think of the new changes to the caf?

DOTS_Gabby_ColeGabby Cole
Freshman Dance and Psychology Major

“I think that the new caf is alright. They don’t have the tubs of cream cheese, which I wish they had. Peet’s coffee isn’t open at night anymore. People need coffee to stay awake, and they can’t get it when they need it anymore. The undercaf always has a lot of options which is nice.”


DOTS_Aaron_AquinoAaron Aquino
Junior Finance Major 

“I really like the new changes here in the caf. Working here in the vegan section, I’ve noticed that they have made it more accessible for other students now that they’ve added more options.”



DOTS_Dominic_LizamaDominic Limaza
Junior Architecture Major

“As far as the new changes go, I think they had good intentions but they’re not really working the way that people expected them to. So the new changes are actually not solving the problem at all. In the end, the lines aren’t shorter and the food doesn’t taste any better.”



DOTS_Zoe_VarnerZoe Varner
Sophomore Computer Science Major

“I like the changes to the cafeteria so far. Some changes are going to be slower to take effect. But I have celiac’s disease so I can’t have certain amounts of certain kinds of foods or I’ll be really sick. But they have been labelling more of their food a lot better and that’s a really good change for me and it makes me healthier and it makes things safer for me.”


DOTS_Prachi_DholakiaPrachi Dholakia
Freshman Business Administration Major 

“I think some of the changes are good. For example the sandwich line moves a lot faster than it did before but unfortunately some of the other changes are not so good. The vegan bar isn’t separate from meat options anymore. I prefer it to be separate because people who are not vegan visit the station too and they run out of the vegetable options too quickly. I feel like the caf is a little more disorganized but with time it will get better. Definitely keep the changes but this transition period right now isn’t that great.”

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