Don on the Street: Chapel hill shooting coverage

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Considering the recent, brutal murders of college students Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu Salha, and Razan Mohammad Abu Salha in North Carolina, the Foghorn asks how did you feel about the media coverage of the Chapel Hill shootings?

Sofia_MarbachSofia Marbach
Sophomore International Studies Major “I feel that it hasn’t been covered by the media as much as similar violent acts as terrible as that sounds. I attended the vigil on Friday and I really appreciated the campus community coming together in support and awareness. I have never been to a mosque before but it was a really neat experience to witness the afternoon prayers. Hearing the voices of Muslim students at USF was really important considering that this issue isn’t being covered by the media as much as it should be.”

Tyler_LymTyler Lym
Junior Marketing Major

“I feel like it doesn’t get as much publicity as maybe any other shooting would. For example, maybe when a white kid goes to a school and shoots a couple kids, that would get blown up by the media. Yet when three Muslim kids get shot, it receives a lot less coverage. But I also notice that when this story was being reported on, the victims were not being treated as normal Americans, and the fact that they were Muslim was heavily emphasized. People turn a blind eye to the fact that these kids were people and we’re ignorant to the fact that Muslims are not all terrorists and that they’re being attacked too.”

Bea_BenedictoBea Benedicto
Sophomore Finance Accounting Major

“I feel like the media has its own bias. They’re trying to propagate their own agenda and the fact that this issue has been represented as a parking issue is what makes me angry. The fact that they try to justify a white man’s actions with an excuse is wrong to me. If a Muslim shoots a white man it’s terrorism, but if a white man shoots a Muslim its a parking issue. You trivialize what happened; you know the media was trying to justify loss of their lives by framing it as a parking issue. This one Fox channel covered the issue, but they presented it with tips on how to not get frustrated when you have a parking issue and that was really disrespectful, because that is not what this is about.”


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